Creating An Inner Peace

On last Sunday’s Coffee Chat FB Live, I talked about keeping your peace…let’s talk about what that means, how you find your ‘peace’ and how you can protect it. With everything that is happening both in our homes and in the world right now, it is extremely important that you figure out how to get yourself into a place of peace and be able to stay there. This is easier said than done and I am relearning it right along with you. These last few months have been a real lesson for me in how much I try to fix and solve everything for everyone often at my own expense.

I have been learning that it is no longer my job to solve all my son’s problems (he just turned 19 last week) and that it isn’t my job to fix or save my family members or my clients—people have to be able to learn their own lessons…by continually trying to solve everything for everyone around me I have literally exhausted myself to the point where I feel like a dish rag that has been thoroughly rung out on the daily right now.

Peace comes from being able to keep your inner equilibrium no matter what is going on around you…it means understanding what is yours to handle and what isn’t and it means being able to ‘listen’ without feeling responsible to act. Those of you fellow ‘fixers and savers’ know exactly what I mean. We are only responsible to handle our own crap. We don’t have to take on the issues all around us because when we do we lose our own inner peace, become more reactive and exhaust ourselves.

If you are a God person I would tell you to practice letting go and letting God— for those of you that have trouble with the God stuff I would say learn to let go and trust that Life itself will take care of you and the circumstances around you. Remember that what we focus on we will create, so taking time to focus on positive outcomes goes a long way in creating inner peace.

As the days pass and I continue to be stuck here I become more and more aware of how I tend to take on everyone else’s “stuff” as if it were my job to solve it— I ‘kind of’ knew this about myself, yet over the last two months I have become VERY much more aware of it and it is not something that I want to continue.

I realize that I need to be protective of my peace— that the cost of not paying attention to that is exhaustion and the inability to create anything new— I have found myself unmotivated to work on the new body of work for entrepreneurs that I want to bring out as well as unmotivated to make videos for the small coaching group that I invited a few people to participate in— when I started looking to see WHY I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way, I realized that I was using all my energy to try and make everybody else OK and happy etc. during these crazy times—— NOT MY JOB. I get it. I am working on letting GO and being responsible for MY OWN SHIT.

I started playing the effectiveness game again on Monday, so far I am a 10/10 on the daily— working really hard to stay focused on what works for me. Inviting you to do the same— see you on Sunday morning for Coffee Chat— take care of YOU.

XO, Noelle

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