Coming To A Crossroad

When you’re in the middle of a journey and you come to a crossroad, a good thing to do would be to stop and contemplate.  Think about the choices.  Do not react or go on a whim and definitely do not hold the hand of doubt. 

You know, doubt, right? 

The space of uncertainty.  The place where there are no answers.  The voice that makes you stop in your tracks and maybe even quit.  Yes, THAT doubt.  DO NOT take its hand.  I don’t care how familiar it looks, how pretty of a manicure it has or what kind of cute mittens it might be wearing.  Go it alone on a whim if you have to, before ever inviting doubt along for company.

It might be a good time to pick up the phone and call a friend you trust.  One who will tell you like it is. That no matter how tough it might be for them, they’ll tell you straight up.  Truth.

Actually…. Did you know, that you already know the answer?  You already know which way to go.  Deeeeeep down inside your decision is made.  Is your answer coming from a place of comfort and complacency?  Or a place of renewal and recharge?  Sit quietly. 

If you’re not even sure of that.  How about writing a pro and con list.  Just write.  Don’t think about the why’s or the how’s… just write.  Think through what each choice would offer.  Write, write, write away.  You can pick it apart and cross off the unimportant factors after.  But at the beginning, just write.  Sometimes getting thoughts on paper helps create more clarity about a situation.  Can you see the clarity coming toward you?  It’s jumping up and down and waving!

When you’re done with your pros and cons and you’ve seen right there in front of you which decision has more pros about it, but you still don’t feel committed to the result.  Wait, wait, wait away. 

And then call a friend!



Your God girl


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