What Is Your Comfort Food?

Comfort food can bring you right back to your childhood in one simple mouthful.  My son LOVES my Pastina and Mac & Cheese and any time he is feeling a bit ‘off’ he’ll ask me to make it, …even still at 23, it brings him comfort.  It just makes everything better.  Home made soup does that for me.  There’s nothing like it!!  Sure these foods taste good, but they represent a warming of the heart as well.  It reminds me that there is so much love in a small spoonful of deliciousness.

 It’s probably the same thing as a nice cup of hot tea before bedtime, or the red jelly beans that have a burst of cinnamon, or a small cup of Dairy Farm ice cream on a hot summer day.  

What foods bring you comfort?

What do you save for your “Eat Anything” day?  What do you buy when you have a few extra dollars to spend?  How do you treat yourself with food?

As much as it can be comfort food, it can take over if you let it.  One piece of pizza can easily become the whole pie, one spoonful of Mocha Almond can turn into a pint that never makes it’s way back to the chilly place it came from, and one chocolate chip cookie…well that can turn into a whole row of them.

Be watchful!  Be aware when you’re in need of comfort food. Make sure you’re not filling a void of some sort.  THAT is NOT the time to turn to the foods that you LOVE.  It could though, be the time you call your girlfriends, your mom, your sister.  A time to share your heart, your moments of silliness and accomplishments from the week.  

Reconnect to the people that bring you comfort just as much as those foods.  Let the food and the love nurture you. 



Your God-girl


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