Personal Effectiveness Coaching

 In light of requests that we have been getting we are now offering coaching services.  In order to create value from the coaching you have to have some “skin in the game” which means there is a fee.  As you all know I have a job and a company – by trade I am a communications and business consultant (you can visit my company here and my normal hourly rate is steep – that said I am willing to take on a VERY limited amount of monthly clients (5-8) from The Working Single Mom following at a reduced rate— Prices for coaching with me are:

$100.00 for a 30 minute Zoom Coaching Session, although I will permit one off sessions with me I do not recommend it. Therefore I do have 3 session and 6 session packages available if needed which offer a bit of a discount yet have to be pre-paid.  Sessions with me can be done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Each session just has to be pre-paid prior to us getting on the Zoom.

This is how it works to become my coaching client:

    • Appointments with me have to be either on weekends or evenings
    • You need to have a project, purpose or a definite goal/goals that you want to work with me about
    • Each appointment must be pre-paid PRIOR to us speaking
    • These will be Zoom appointments with me and I will provide the link
    • If you are interested you have to email me at and tell me a bit about why you want to work with me, then I will send you an intake packet and we will decide if we are a good fit.  If we are then we will book your appointment.

For those of you that just want some Accountability help with developing your Prosperity Practice and creating new thoughts, behaviors and habits we are offering coaching with Tracy at a fee of $35.00 per 30 minute session – although we recommend a min of 3 sessions for effectiveness you CAN book one-offs of these sessions with Tracy.  If you have interest in these you can email me as well telling me that you want to work with Tracy and I will make an introduction.