Clearing Out Behavioral Insanity

I have been pondering two words over the past couple days…foundation and wisdom.  Webster’s New World defines Foundation as ‘the base on which something rests’…this leads me to consider how many of us, myself included, live our lives resting on a solid foundation.  When you build a structure, it has to start with a solid and strong foundation, if it doesn’t the structure won’t hold up.  To have a successful life you must also start with a solid and strong foundation, otherwise you will have nothing to ground you when the going gets tough…and there are times when the going will get tough.

What makes a solid and strong foundation?  Is it integrity, a belief in God, ethics, treating others as you want to be treated, a forgiving heart, an open mind, perseverance, willpower, or a combination of all these and more?  I say a combination of the aforementioned and more…a solid and strong foundation comes from a belief that you have power in your own life and that you have the ability to change even the direst of circumstances as long as you can keep your wits about you.

A foundation is also strengthened by operating from a place of peace—meaning doing the things DAILY for yourself that keep you GROUNDED and feeling strong.  When we fail to care for ourselves, we become tired and weakened which opens a door to chaos, triggers and reactivity.  If you are a constant reaction in the middle of your life you will be incessantly pinging off the walls and in essence will be powerless to change anything.

Change can only come from being able to choose your response to a person or situation and this ability is born from having a strong foundation.

If we come from a place of understanding that our lives are based on principle and upon something more than our own pathetic self-concerns, then we are able to hold steady when life hits us with something unexpected.  We are further able to observe what is happening and then wisely choose a response.  If we are operating from a place of weakness and fear, then when life throws a curve ball we have no choice but to scramble and react, react, react.

As far as my life experience shows being a complete reaction has never solved anything, it just brings more trouble.

Seems like it would be prudent for all of us to give a little thought to what kind of foundation we are creating for ourselves daily …or do we wake up every morning and base our day on the reactions of the moment?

Wisdom is defined by Webster’s as ‘the power of judging rightly’…my definition of wisdom is something like ‘the conclusions you finally arrive at after life has knocked you around enough’…

Wisdom is something that comes over time and thankfully it is something that keeps expanding as we get older.  Wisdom is when it finally dawns on you that when you keep behaving the same way and doing the same things, you will get the same result.   The opposite of wisdom is insanity which Albert Einstein defines this way, “the definition of insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

How many times have we followed the same path over and over again expecting to end up at a different place?  Often we do this most in relationships, we follow the same MO and yet expect to end up with a different outcome…never happens… with certain situations we mirror that mouse running down the same path and still finding no cheese, yet we keep running with the same anticipation and zeal and then we are distraught when the outcome doesn’t change.

Funny thing is— on some level we all know better, yet we let our inner wisdom sit it out while we continue to behave like fools.

Let’s get more interested in exercising our wisdom muscles, we are tired of the same old song and the record is wearing out…it’s Spring and it seems like a good time to clear out behavioral insanity…what will you change today?



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