Cleaning Out The Fridge

Cleaning out the fridge…

Last Sunday on Coffee Chat I started to talk to you about how thoughts and habits that no longer serve you can be just as toxic as relationships and behaviors that no longer serve you. The issue is that toxic thought is harder to see, it is not as obvious as the other stuff. Thought patterns that no longer serve you are usually hidden deep beneath the surface and we think so many thoughts in a day, who has time to do a forensic assessment of every thought?

Yet thoughts become patterns and when we do not clean out the stuff that is not working, we can’t truly manifest NEW good that will stick around.

My best analogy for this is your refrigerator — if you have hidden rotting food in the back of your refrigerator or in the drawers and you don’t clean it out then the fresh food that you put in will become contaminated. The rotting food will literally poison the fresh food.

It is like this with your thoughts, habits, relationships, behaviors etc— if you don’t clean out the old stuff that isn’t working then it will contaminate the new good that you are trying to bring into your life.

Getting rid of toxic thought patterns and behaviors is hard—suffering the consequences of not getting rid of them is harder. Pick your hard.

Personally, I would rather choose what to work on than to let it choose me—life is meant for learning— continuing to work on yourself is progress and no matter what progress is a good thing.

Most people stop working on themselves, or they never start and that is how they end up stuck in lives that they don’t LOVE.

Let’s NOT be those people—let’s be the people that keep reinventing ourselves in better versions— we are a lifelong project, time to embrace that concept.

Join us on Sunday’s Coffee Chat to talk about creating NEW habits that serve the life you want.

XO, Noelle

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