Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas.  I love the meaning of Christmas.  I love Christmas music.  OK, well SOME Christmas music.  And I love traditions.  

A few I grew up with on Christmas Eve;

Hang stockings on the mantel, put cookies & milk out and open one gift.

Which always ended up being pajamas to wear that night.  Years later I learned it was so our Christmas morning pictures were of me & my sister in pretty PJ’s rather than our old time favorites.

I carried these traditions on with my son and added a few of my own;  

Scavenger Hunt.  His big prize was always at the end of a Scavenger Hunt. I’d start with an object, let’s say an apple.  He’d have to put the apple where it belongs.  When he got to the fruit bin, there would be, let’s say, a tube of toothpaste.  When he brought that to the bathroom there’d be a bag of chips or something out of character.  He’d put that away and find yet another item that didn’t belong there until at the end….. was his BIG gift from momma.

Homemade Ornaments.  We’d string together popcorn, cranberries & marshmallows and make ‘bird seed & peanut butter pine cones’ for the birds.  We made macaroni angels, puzzle piece wreaths & button snowmen ornaments.

12 Days of Christmas Gifts (my favorite) No not 9 ladies dancing and 5 golden rings.

I would give him gifts for the 12 days and he’d sing the song after opening each gift.  

The song might go something like this:

On the 12th day of Christmas, my mother gave to me

12 lunchables

11 dollar bills

10 pairs of socks

9 packs of gum

8 yogurt squeezes

7 go-pack snacks

6 english muffins

5 books for bedtime

4 boxer briefs

3 tonka cars

2 pepperoni sticks

and an ornament for the Christmas tree


I hope your Christmas is full of happiness & joy!


Your God girl


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