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Thoughts I Choose To Think

some thoughts i can choose to think


in the middle of what i don’t like

i train my new way of thinking to think about good

i know it’s coming!


i appreciate the prospect of good in all appearances.


i think up how i want things to be.

i speak forth my declaration of how i want it to be. . .

i begin to work for having it be that good way.

i decide to hold it, as if, it already were that way

i act from≤ that way of being.


. . .all this i make up

i decree what i make up

i have the ability to bring forth.


my activity, supports what i am decreeing

i take many actions

my actions are guided by the Voice for God within me.

. . .if i do not hear the Voice for God guiding me, i wait.


i am courageous in bringing forth good

i decree good, even when there is no evidence for it!!!


God has created me as a creator. . .the more good i create the more GODLIKE

i become. . .i step forth to create now.


when i am in a situation, where things are lacking in good, instead of pointing out the lack, i see what is wanted and needed, and i make it my job to provide it. . .i leave behind being part of the problem, i become part of the solution.


i provide encouragement

i supply solutions

i build bridges

i take risks


good can depend on me to bring it about

God can depend on me to keep remembering 

to focus on the good. . .again, and again, and again!


~toni stone

wonder works studio

August 30, 1982