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TWSM Movie Review ‘Double Jeopardy’

Double Jeopardy…I have my movies.  My go-to movies. The ones I watch every time I need a pick me up and/or they show up on to. Sometimes I seek them out because that’s just how much I like them.  This is one of those movies.

Libby is a happily married wife and mom.  She has it all.  Wonderful husband, beautiful son, great friends, and a life to be envied by many.  Her wealthy husband surprises her and takes her on a weekend sailboat trip – just the two of them.  She wakes up one morning to blood all over her and the boat.  It was everywhere.  Her husband was gone.  She found a bloody knife on deck, but he was nowhere to be seen.

To cut to the chase, she was charged and convicted of his murder.    After spending six years in prison, she was finally paroled after befriending two other women who did murder their husbands.

While in prison she finds out that her best friend, who she had asked to adopt her son while she was imprisoned, had run off and created a life with her still alive husband.  The puzzle starts to fit together.

This brings out a side in her that even she didn’t know existed.  She begins working out, getting into the best shape of her life.  One day while running in a pouring rainstorm her friend says “I’ve never seen anything like it.  What’s driving you is pure hate!”  

One of her best friends in prison happened to be a lawyer “once upon a time”.  She trains Libby on the exact words to say in order to convince the parole board that she has been reformed.  It works, and she is out.  

She tracks her ex-husband and ex best friend down to New Orleans and goes through a living hell trying to find her son.  Even as far as being trapped in a casket in a cemetery with a dead body, thanks to the hands of her husband.  But she tries everything.  

All to get to her son.

This movie shows true grit.  Once realizing she had been framed, a fire ignites inside her.  It drives anything and everything she would every need to get out of prison and find her son. 

What drives you?  Is it love? Hate? Passion? Fear?  The truth is we are all driven by hidden truths, none of which are necessarily wrong.  It’s the reason behind the drive that matters.  

This movie teaches us that we can find friendship in the most unlikely places.  The two women that Libby told in the beginning of the movie to back off and leave her alone ended up being her biggest allies and true friends.  We are all people.  We are all human.  We all have made mistakes.  It’s what we do with these experiences that forms us into who we were meant to be.

How do you think the movie ends?  You could probably figure it out.  But then, maybe you can’t.  Life is full of surprises both good and bad.  And so are movies.

Just remember, just as Libby dealt with whatever life threw at her she stood strong and never gave up.  We can do the same.  We are all strong.  It just depends on how we want to show up for life.

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‘Always Be My Maybe’ TWSM Movie Review

Always Be My Maybe

Starring:  Randall Park, Ali Wong

Even though it was a cold February day, I was watching this movie with a smile on my face and the warmest heart ever!  It just makes you feel good about life and love, and the fact that even though life takes us through many twists and turns, we always end up right where we belong.

Sasha Chan and Marcus Kim were best friends since childhood.  They were neighbors.  Sasha’s parents weren’t home a lot and she was left to fend for herself, including fixing her own dinner.  (It was amazing what she could do with Spam and rice!) Many nights Marcus’s mom would have her come to their house and help her cook and then eat dinner with them.  In many ways, they were more like family to her than her own parents.

Sasha and Marcus were constant companions even though their teenage years.  Until one unfortunate day an argument ensued, and they parted ways, never to speak to each other again.  Sasha went on to become a famous chef owning fancy restaurants where only the elite dined.  Marcus never left home.  His mother passed away unexpectedly and in his grief of losing her, as well as his best friend, he claimed that he was his father’s “caretaker” even though his dad was not in need of such a thing.  He also continued to play in a band that he had been the leader of since high school.  In essence, his life hadn’t really changed at all while Sasha’s life had become a red-carpet walking life that most people only dream of.

Sasha decided to open a new restaurant in San Francisco where she had grown up.   She rented a house in an upscale neighborhood which is where she became reunited with Marcus – when he and his dad came to service the air conditioner in her rented home.    

The two became friendly again and eventually became romantically involved.  That is until it was time for Sasha to leave for New York to open yet another restaurant.  She wanted Marcus to join her.  He wanted nothing of it.  As she was leaving, she accused Marcus of hiding from life and never living.  He accused her of not living either, because her “living” a life that wasn’t really her.  It was full of glamour and fakeness, everything that the real Sasha was not.   Everyone could see that these two were meant for each other ….. but could they?

Life takes twists and turns and has ups and downs.  We make right decisions as well as wrong ones every day.  It’s through all these challenges that we learn about ourselves and what makes us who we are.  The truth is that we all grow and change, but in the end, true love and friendship will always prevail.  We just have to let it!


‘Second Act’ TWSM Movie Review

Second Act

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini, Mila Ventimiglia

If you’ve ever felt overlooked, underpaid, and possibly that maybe it’s just not in the stars for you, then this movie will touch your soul.

Jennifer Lopez plays Maya, the assistant manager of a big box store trying to work her way up the ladder.  However, with her lack of a high school and college education (she earned a GED) she continuously finds herself overlooked by corporate males who seemingly dominate the market.

Her last big disappointment comes when she is overlooked for a promotion to store manager by an outside applicant.  When she questions her boss about it, he questions her educational background and tells her that the job has “requirements” that her history just does not allow her to meet.  She is ready to give up.

That’s when her best friend’s son, also Maya’s godson, creates an entirely new Maya – on paper that is.  He creates an astounding resume with more accolades than most geniuses and creates a social media presence like none other – all of this without her knowledge.  Through this intervention she lands an interview with one of the top cosmetic companies based in Manhattan. Her brutal yet classy honesty about their product line lands her a job with the company.  She goes on to prove herself as a corporate executive who can hold her own.

This movie teaches us so much about how today’s world operates.  Most hiring managers today look at the letters after a person’s name and the degrees they’ve obtained before looking at what the person has to offer.  I would never discourage someone from acquiring a college degree or any sort of higher learning.  It gives one an education in a dedicated field and exposes them to other areas of learning that we may not seek otherwise.  But remember this, many people either never had the opportunity or chose not to take it.  And that is OK!  They have what the world likes to call “street smarts”.  Their education has been worldly and real-life training.

If you are one who did not have or take the opportunity to go higher with your education, don’t think less of yourself even if others do.  And believe me, there are many who look at the letters after a person’s name and may never look at the person.  A degree does not define a person.  But character always will.  Some of the smartest people I know barely made it through high school.  What if one of those people happened to be you! 

We only get one shot at life so go after what you want.  Go after your dreams and desires!  And whatever you do – NEVER GIVE UP!  Don’t let a piece of paper and other’s opinions define your future.  Be the creator of your own future!  Write your own story!  Live your own life!  Nothing is impossible with hard work and true and total belief in yourself!  And above all, never stop loving who you are!

SIDENOTE:  Maya’s best friend is played by Leah Remini who, according to media reports, is best friends with Jennifer Lopez in the real world.  The two of them play off each other like two best friends really would. So hilarious and natural with each other.  It makes me wonder how much of their interaction was acting.  Oh, and by the way, guess who went to college for only one semester and dropped out to pursue her dreams and is now one of the most successful people in the world! Successful because she’s living her dreams.  I’ll let you figure that out.  

Peace everyone!


‘The Heat’ TWSM Movie Review

‘The Heat’ TWSM Movie Review

What do you get when you cross Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in a movie together? Two strong comedic actresses who gel so well together that you can’t get enough of the two them! And the end of the movie?  Well, it only leaves you wanting more!

Sandra Bullock plays, Ashburn, an uptight FBI agent assigned to work with a Boston Police Detective who grew up on the wrong side of the streets.  Whereas Ashburn is poised, refined, and uptight, Melissa McCarthy plays Mullins, the exact opposite of Ashburn with her foul mouth, sloppy dress and overall messy demeanor. 

The two are assigned to bring down a local drug lord.  Mullins isn’t happy about this arrangement from the beginning.  She doesn’t need any help from the FBI.  Ashburn, on the other hand, is eagerly looking forward to bringing down this felon and receiving a desperately wanted promotion within the FBI.  

The relationship between the two starts out rocky, to say the least.  They are opposite in every sense of the word.  Ashburn wears dressy pant suits, which at one point while working undercover in a bar, Mullins tells her she needs to change her look because she stands out by “looking like she’s there to do their taxes”.  Mullins dresses, well, “casually” to say the least.  Let’s just say that she didn’t have to change her look to go undercover at the bar.

After going through many tough and comical situations together, the two women slowly come together as co-workers……and friends.  They end up forming a comradery that not everyone is fortunate enough to achieve in this lifetime. 

As I always say, I love to laugh and forget about the outside world.  There are many outlets in which to do this:  time with family, watching funny shows, playing games, vacationing, spending time with friends, among many others.  Throughout “The Heat” we learn that women actually CAN form sister-like bonds.  Not all relationships between women are “catty” or “jealous” in nature.  Friendships are formed when barriers are broken, walls are torn down, and no matter what avenue it comes from – a trust is formed.   

People say first impressions are everything and to some degree I believe this is true.  However, many times first impressions are based upon a fear of being less than what one thinks the other expects from them.  Don’t let something like that ruin a potential good relationship.  After all, the only thing certain in life is change.  Don’t let fear of someone’s potential opinion of you ruin the possibility of a new bestie!  Enjoy watching!


‘Bad Moms Christmas’ TWSM Movie Review

‘Bad Moms Christmas’ starts out with the main characters, Amy, Carla, and Kiki –three friends who became friends after not fitting in with the “in’ crowd at the school PTA.  They are eagerly awaiting the holidays with their families when out of the blue each of their mothers all show up for a “Surprise!  I’m here!  Merry Christmas!” type of holiday.  As wonderful as this is for many people, it’s not quite the way these three wanted to get the Christmas season started.

Carla’s mom just shows up after three years, or four, who’s counting anyway?  In the past, any time she has visited Carla she inevitably needed money.  So, it’s no wonder that the first words out of Carla’s mouth are “What are you doing here Mom?”

Kiki’s mom shows up not only because KiKi is her daughter but because she believes the are soulmates.  They are in fact clones with her mom dressing like her and even sporting the same hairstyle.  One may also say that she is a little co-dependent as well. 

And then there is Amy.  Yes, Amy Mitchell, the single mom who juggles work and trying to make a great life for her kids.  Her mom is one who is never pleased so when Amy finds her at the front door “happy” wouldn’t exactly be the word to describe her emotion. Her reason for being there was to help give the “perfect” Christmas to her grandchildren since she believes her daughter can’t do it.   

The three friends meet at the mall and after complaining to each other for awhile they decide to get drunk in the food court.  This is where they decide they are going to take Christmas back and not let their mother’s presence ruin their time with their families.  They are going to do Christmas their way. But first Amy must get a tree in order to make her mother happy.  The three friends take the one from Lady Foot Locker that is decorated in shoes!

There are a lot of fun and funny moments in this movie just as in the original Bad Moms which is one reason I chose this movie.  This year of all years we need to laugh and while I personally was watching it today, I did laugh – a lot!  And I needed it.  Christmas can be so stressful with the gift buying and parties and all the “Christmasy” things that never seem to end.  Things are different this year. Amazon has been my best friend as far as shopping goes.  There are no parties to attend.  And I can’t even visit extended family as I live in a different state and we are trying to keep everyone healthy.  Even so I am choosing to focus on the positive.  At least all my kids are home.  And on Christmas morning we will wake up to our beautiful tree, have a nice fire in the fireplace, eat dinner together, open gifts, play games.  The key word in the previous sentence was “together” which in the end is the best gift of all!


TWSM Movie Review ‘The Proposal’

I remember when ‘The Proposal came out.  I’ve always loved Sandra Bullock, but I just wasn’t interested in this movie.  And Ryan Reynolds – well, he just didn’t do anything for me.  So, I passed. 

The other night I happened to see that it was on tv and watched it. I loved it!  It made me laugh and for a couple of hours, any problems that were in my life at that time were non-existent.  

Sandra Bullock plays Margaret, a heartless and ruthless publisher in New York City.  She is a tyrant to her employees and is secretly called “The Witch” (or maybe a little worse). They all hate her including her miserable assistant Andrew, played by Ryan Reynolds, who does nothing right.

Margaret happens to be from Canada and one day finds out that she is being deported because she let her Visa expire.  She finds out that if she marries an American, she will be able to stay in the U.S.  So, what does she do?  She orders Andrew to marry her.  He, of course, refuses but after much bantering agrees but she must do two things:  1.  She has to get down on one knee and propose to him; and 2. She must travel to Alaska with him for his grandmother’s (played by Betty White)  90th birthday.

Off they go! Neither one is happy but they’re doing it.  The hard-nosed defensive woman who finds pleasure in making others unhappy puts on a good front with Andrew’s loving and welcoming family, eventually unable to resist the love they bestow upon her.  She finds herself caring about them and realizes she doesn’t want to hurt them with a fake marriage. Meanwhile, even though the arguing continues behind closed doors between the soon to be wed couple, their walls eventually start to come down.  She opens to him, telling him about her past that made her the tyrant she is today.  His heart softens a little.  Could there be something there after all?

This movie is a feel-good movie.  It will make you believe that people can change.  It will make you believe in the power of love, not necessarily between a man and woman, but between a lonely woman who is welcomed and loved by complete strangers.  It will leave you with hope – hope that life can be better.  Hope — we all crave and need it right now.  Hope for a better future.  Believe!!  Believe because a better future will come at you when you least expect it and sometimes in the craziest ways.


TWSM Movie Review ‘I Feel Pretty’

TWSM Movie Review ‘I Feel Pretty’

Amy Schumer plays Renee, an insecure woman with little to no self-confidence.  She works for a famous cosmetics company but instead of working in the swanky main office, she and another employee work in the basement of a building in Chinatown. Just one more thing that makes her feel less about herself as a person.

She is a little overweight and decides to try a cycle class.  The savvy, confident instructor walks in with her perfect bod and yelling words of encouragement and the whole class cheers.  The class starts and Renee goes from total insecurity to having fun – for a few seconds anyway.  She falls off the bike and is knocked out after hitting her head hard.

When she wakes up, Renee sees herself in the mirror and is stunned.  She can’t believe what she sees.  She is beautiful!  As a matter of fact, she is unrecognizable. A Bombshell! She goes on and on about her sudden transformation to the SoulCycle employee who is with her when she awakes.  The stunned girl has no idea what is going on because Renee woke up looking exactly as she did before the fall.  But in Renee’s eyes, she’s a completely different person.

The previously insecure Renee is now a confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin.  She now has the confidence to go after what she wants in life with no fear.  She lands the Receptionist job at the company where she used to be hidden in a basement.  She enters a bikini body contest. The crowd loves her above all the others and even though she doesn’t win the competition she tells her boyfriend, another addition to her “new” life, that she doesn’t care that she didn’t win because she doesn’t need external validation to know that she’s beautiful.

To live with this level security in not only your looks but what you are capable of as well is most women’s dream.  We women tend to be so hard on ourselves.  We compare ourselves to television personalities, models in magazines, our friends, our neighbors, people on the street!  It’s maddening and drives us crazy and causes us to do insane things such as crash diets, buying anything advertised that promises us the beauty that we so crave!  Well, it’s time to stop!  Just STOP!

The truth is I absolutely loved this movie. I loved it because it teaches us that what we need to succeed in life is already inside us.  We don’t need external beauty in order to excel at what we desire.  We need to realize that we are so much more than what we will ever see in a mirror.  Who we are is what is on the inside of us, what makes us real and unique.  Once we can accept ourselves is when our dreams and even beyond are attainable and within our reach.

Does Renee ever realize the truth about herself and life and her beauty?  Well …… a good reason to watch the movie, I Feel Pretty.  Enjoy!!



TWSM Movie Review ‘Like A Boss’

I’m glad I didn’t believe the review about this movie before I decided to watch it.  The critics HATED it! But then given a title like “Critic” might make you a little more critical than the average joe.

I laughed so hard at this movie!  Tiffany Haddish is hilarious!  A laugh a minute!  I believe she is one of the funniest actresses on the planet and she helped turn a not so good day in my life, to a day in which I laughed till it hurt.

Mia and Mel are best friends who have had a makeup business since they were kids, starting out by doing makeup for girls at dances to creating a small, yet popular and successful makeup line affectionally named Mia and Mel. Unfortunately, Mia and Mel had run upon hard times.  

The company catches the eye of a not-so-nice (to put it kindly) makeup mogul Claire Luna.  She offers to pay off their debt with a 49% interest in their company with the catch being that if either of the twosome ever quit, her interest increases to 51%, making her the managing partner.  After much bickering between the two they agree and partner with Luna who immediately begins her tactics of trying cause enough of a rift for one to quit.  She forces them to fire Barrett, their store designer and makeup mixer (this scene is priceless!) and steals and their famous “One Night Stand Kit” product and sells it under another one of her companies.  

The two break up as friends.  The stress of the entire situation has become too much.  Thankfully, other friends’ step in and remind them of how close they have been over the years and the importance of one another in each of their lives.  Long story short, they mend their relationship and find a way to beat Luna at her own game.  They are even able to re-hire their employee, friend, and confidant, Barrett.

This movie provides a lot of laughs.  It’s good for a cold, rainy day or a girl’s night in.  The bottom line of this movie is friendship.  It reminds us that friends are treasures.  Nothing can come between friends unless we allow it.  Love your friends!  They are your chosen family!


TWSM Movie Review ‘Kidnap’

TWSM Movie Review ‘Kidnap’





That’s pretty much all you hear between Karla (Halle Berry) and her son Frankie on a beautiful sunny day at the park.  This is how she keeps track of him, making sure he’s still close when he’s not in her sight.  Karla is a divorced, single mom working as a waitress in a local diner.  Frankie is her world.

While at the park Karla receives an unexpected phone call from her lawyer telling her that her ex-husband and his girlfriend want to file for primary custody of their son.  Karla is devastated at this news and is afraid as well.  Her ex is in real estate and his girlfriend is a pediatrician.  When her lawyer evidently asks her if she is gainfully employed, she tells him that she is a waitress and to “do the math” when it comes to financially comparing her to her ex.  All the while she is not forgetting about the “Marco Polo” game.  That is why once she is off the phone and yells “Marco” and receives no response she is immediately concerned. After several “Marco” attempts she finally realizes that Frankie is nowhere to be seen. She begins yelling for him by name but still no answer.  Eventually she finds his toy voice recorder on a bench.  When she plays it back, she can hear a woman named “Margo” convincing Frankie that it is ok for him to go with her.  She frantically runs through the park yelling his name and eventually sees a woman struggling with her Frankie to put him into her car.  She runs to the car and clings to it, desperately trying to save her son.  In the end, she is thrown from the car and loses her phone in the process.  

For just a couple of seconds she is dumbfounded.  What just happened!  But then she realizes that someone has taken her son.  Mom mode sets in.  Trust me, Mom mode is nothing to be taken lightly.

She gets in her minivan and takes off after the green mustang which evidently houses “Margo” and her beloved Frankie.  She goes after them HARD!  She is fearless, aggressive, and will never EVER give up.  After many miles of a chase and many close encounters in which it seems like she just might almost have him, nothing has worked.  Nevertheless, Karla is a mother and even when her van runs out of gas, there is no force in the universe that can stop her when it comes to her child.  She flags down a fellow driver begging for his help. 

The kidnappers (yes, Margo has an accomplice) realize how close she is to getting to them and ram into the side of the good Samaritan’s car.  Unfortunately, the kind person who stops to help her make it…..but neither does Margo’s accomplice.  She grabs his wallet to find out where he lives and discovers that she is only two miles away from his house.  She walks there…in the dark.  Not much more I can say about the movie because at this point it would be giving away the ending, and “spoiler 

In all honesty, this is not one of the best movies I have seen.  Particularly not one of Halle Berry’s best.  It seems like a lot of the movie is her driving in her minivan chasing after the abductors.  But just stop and think for a minute … what is this movie really all about anyway.  “Kidnap” projects the innate force of love and protection a mother has for her child.  I know that personally all during the movie I kept thinking “Yeah, I would do that for sure!  I would do that!  Oh, I would hit her with that shovel so hard she wouldn’t wake up until the next century!” And yes, I believe all of that about myself and then some – because they are my children and I am their protector. 

If you’ve ever doubted yourself as a mother, or ever doubted yourself and what your capable of, well this movie is proof positive that you have inside of you more than you realize.  It proves that no matter what walk of life we have come from or what we are going through, we will do whatever it takes to protect our children.  My mantra has always been, “You can say or do whatever you want to me, but don’t mess with my kids.” Honestly, in this lifetime when you involve my kids in something, then we have taken life to a new level that no one knew ever existed. This level includes a new me, a different me, a me you will never see unless you mess with my kids.

In the wild for example, there is nothing more powerful than a Mama Bear with her cubs.  The same holds true for we humans.  I honestly believe there is no more powerful bond than the love between a mother and her child.  

This movie depicts a lot about the mother doing whatever it takes to protect her son.  You might think some of it is farfetched.  That’s ok because the entire reason I decided to go ahead and write a review for this movie is that motherly instinct that lies within us all.  Don’t ever doubt that if faced with any sort of similar situation that you would back down.  You would not.  You are a mom.  A mom is the highest calling in the world.  

Even if you were raised by a mom that might not have had that “motherly instinct”.  Maybe it was someone who mistreated you, or just didn’t treat you the way an innocent child needed to be treated.  Even if all or one of these is true, it does not define who you are as a mother or who you will be when you become one.  There are bad seeds in every walk of life.  But this movie, fiction as it may be for most of us as far as the circumstances, shows what a mom does when it comes to her child.  If your mom wasn’t there for you in your darkest hour and when you needed her more than you ever have, I am so deeply sorry for you.  Just remember that the reason for it, or lack thereof, had absolutely nothing to do with you.  It was all on her, and everyone has a different story to tell.

What would you do if your child were in danger?  You would go to your farthest point and then one million miles beyond that.  Don’t doubt yourself.  Believe in the power that lives inside you!


TWSM Movie Review ‘Spenser Confidential’

TWSM Movie Review ‘Spenser Confidential’-a Netflix original.

How about some eye candy!!  How about some eye candy in the form of Mark Wahlberg!  I think that’s something most of us could use right about now!

Mark Wahlberg plays Boston police detective Spenser who has underlying suspicions about his boss, Captain John Boylan.  Spenser seems to believe that Boylan is not only a dirty cop but is covering up a murder investigation.  He goes to Boylan’s house and violently beats him for which he ends up in prison.  When he was handed his sentence, his response was “The S.O.B. deserved it”.

After five years Spenser is released and goes to briefly stay with his former boxing coach Henry (played by Alan Arkin).  Upon arriving at Henry’s house, Spenser finds out that doesn’t get his own room as he had been hoping for.  He has a roommate named Hawk (Winston Duke) who is an aspiring boxer.  Neither of the two are happy with the situation.  Even so Spenser takes it in stride because he has plans – big plans.  He is getting the heck out of Boston and moving to Arizona to be a truck driver.  I know this is only a movie but how could a Wahlberg leave Boston? The two names are synonymous, don’t you agree?

Before he can get out of town his former boss, for whom he went to jail for beating, is killed in a suspicious car accident.  Spenser knows in his gut that this is no accident.  He knows that Boylan was guilty all along and this was done to get him out of the picture.  Spenser can’t bring himself to leave.  He decides to stay and finally get to the bottom of what he knew all along.  Even though friends and even former co-workers told him to leave it alone Spenser refuses to leave.  By staying, he assists in coaching Hawk in boxing and the unlikely pair become good friends.

The remainder of ‘Spenser Confidential’ is full of funny, cute, and serious moments which all lead to everything eventually ending up well.  The cutest moments include Mark Wahlberg but who’s counting?

Oh my, how boring was that ending.  Well, I will just say this, do you believe Wahlberg ends up the victim or the victor?  Guess you’ll have to watch in order to find out!  Also, in case you are a Post Malone fan he makes a cameo appearance as a prisoner with inside information.  If you are wondering who Post Malone is, well he’s probably one of the artists your teenagers having been talking about recently. You may have even heard some of his music and just not known it was him.  In real life he is a good guy with good music and quite a collection of interesting tattoos.  

Overall, I liked Spenser Confidential!  It was funny, happy, sad – just a myriad of emotions, but all in good fun and at the right time and place.  It is a Netflix original so catch it there the next time you are looking for something new and different!