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TWSM Beauty Tips ‘Facial Recognition’

Facial recognition….When you talk to someone face to face or via facetime, skype or through a zoom meeting, what is the first thing you notice? Is it their eyes? Their hair, or is it their skin? For me, I always seem to notice people’s skin. Skin is that outer layer of tissue on our body that guards everything inside. Let’s think about that, it guards everything inside our bodies. It’s our outer armour, right?

Well, truth be told, if we don’t take care of the inside, it shows on the outside. Am I right? Many people have self sabotaging behaviors like poor diet, smoking and over-consuming alcohol. All of these habits can be relating to inner struggles that people have and they find comfort in the food, smokes and alcohol. AND IT SHOWS!  

Especially as people age you can always notice the difference in people’s skin. Not only by the color, or amount of wrinkles, but also by the tone and texture of someone’s skin. I’m not going to sit here and lecture you about diet, exercise and bad habits. But, what I am going to talk about is skin care.

I recently wrote about the importance of hydrating your body which has benefits for the skin too. Another basic skin care regimen is using a moisturizer. Not just any moisturizer, but make sure it contains at least the minimum of a 15 SPF. It’s recommended to be higher to about 25-30. I can’t stress enough how important this one simple step is. 

Before you put on your foundation,bronzer, concealer or whatever your beauty weapons might be, always put on a simple layer of moisturizer with SPF first!  This simple basic daily step added to your makeup routine will leave your skin hydrated, glowing and protected from the strong rays of the sun.

It’s also good to get into the habit of putting moisturizer on before you go to bed to rejuvenate your skin overnight. After you wash off your makeup and pat dry your face, take that extra ten seconds and rub on some moisturizer. Over a short period of time you will definitely notice a difference in the tone and elasticity in your face and you will also love the feel and the glow of your skin.

There are many options out there for different moisturizers, and just as with makeup they range in price from low to high end. I personally like a moisturizer that isn’t thick and goes on smooth and not sticky. Everyone has their preference. Go to a beauty counter and ask for samples. Get multiple brands and try them out. Also check out the travel size sections in your local pharmacy. You’ll be surprised how many brand name products are available in affordable trial travel sizes. Grab a few and sample them all. As with any new facial product, Be sure to dab it on the top of your hand first, and rub it in.  Let it sit there for a few minutes to an hour just to make sure you aren’t allergic. You definitely don’t want to try new products on your face and end up with swelling or red blotches from an allergic reaction!

So,take a few minutes and pamper yourself and hydrate your skin. Go, go get that glow on!


Water Yourself

When you hear the word hydrate, what do you think of? How about your body and skin?  Most people are knowledgeable enough about the human body and know that the human body is composed of a high percentage of water. But, many people don’t realize the health benefits of hydration and the effect it has on your body and skin.

Drinking water everyday has many health benefits. It aids in digestion, it keeps your joints, organs, and tissues functioning, and also has amazing all natural benefits for your skin. Yes, your skin!  If your diet consists of strictly coffee, tea, soda’s or even juices, you are not giving your body and skin the hydration it needs. 

Without proper hydration your skin can look dull, it will be dry, and it can also promote larger pores and wrinkles. It’s amazing to see the changes in your skin over a very short period of time just by cutting out some of the unhealthy liquids and replacing it with good clean water. 

I myself was addicted to diet-Coke. I’m not gonna lie or sugar coat– diet “stroke” as my friend would say! As a single mom, working, going to school and raising two kids, I devoured diet-Coke in huge quantities on a daily basis. The caffeine was my fuel. The  bubbling sensation in my throat gave me tingles. I was definitely addicted to it. My morning drink was diet coke, not to mention the 4 cans I drank at work everyday and then, of course, I would go to bed with one on my night table.

Fortunately, while I attended college as an adult, I was assigned a project to quit one thing in your life. I had to do this over the course of a semester, and document my progress along the way and then at the end write a paper focused on addiction. I succeeded in deleting diet-Coke from my life, first by slowly weaning on to flavored seltzer water (for the bubbly’s) then switching over to regular water. 

The health benefits have astronomically changed my life. I’m no longer fueled by caffeine and my body and skin are glowing from being properly hydrated and not full of the garbage that soda is made from. People actually comment on how healthy my skin looks.

Take a peek online and do a little research and you will find many articles and advice about the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated. As with anything else body related, consult your doctor if you’re going to be making any sudden drastic changes, especially if you have health issues. But, most importantly water yourself and stay healthy, happy and glowing!



Things You May Be Doing To Age Yourself

Things you may be doing to age yourself…

I’m here to be your best friend right now and give it to you straight. You are aging yourself & I’m sure you didn’t even realize you were doing it, however, now you’ll know better. 

  1. Not thoroughly removing your makeup before bed. 

A neutrogena wipe will not cut it girlfriend,I am sorry. They are great but they must be followed by a full on skincare routine. It does not substitute a facial cleanser. Makeup actually clings to free radicals in the environment (often from pollution), so not washing off makeup gives these harmful impurities an even greater opportunity to damage your skin. Free radicals are known to break down collagen, which over time results in fine lines and premature aging. 

  1. Smoking 

Smoking changes the skin, teeth, and hair in ways that can add years to your looks. It affects everything from your fertility to the strength of your heart, lungs, and bones. Quitting smoking can improve your appearance. As blood flow gets better, your skin receives more oxygen and nutrients. This can help you develop a healthier complexion. If you stay tobacco-free, the stains on your fingers and nails will also disappear. 

  1. Drinking alcohol 

As much as I enjoy a spicy margarita every so often I must stop. Extrinsic aging is when your skin ages faster than it should because of your environment and how you live. That’s where alcohol comes in — it dehydrates you and dries out your skin. You can slow that down by drinking less. “Alcohol is actually one of the worst, most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin,” says New York nutritionist Jairo Rodriguez. 

If you do drink, what’s the best alcohol to choose? “Different alcohols have different effects on the skin, but as a general rule, the clearer, the better: vodka, gin, and tequila get out of your system quicker. 

  1. Eating sugary foods 

Sugar damages your skin through a natural process called glycation. The sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins and produces harmful free radicals called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). As AGEs accumulate (the more sugar you eat, the more they develop), they damage the proteins around them. But ughhh have you ever had airhead xtremes rainbow strips?! 

  1. Sleeping on your side 

If you sleep on your side or on your stomach, your face might be pressed into your pillow, causing your skin to fold up and form vertical wrinkles. Since we all spend around a third of our lives asleep, these “sleep lines” get repeatedly reinforced and etched into your skin over time, like folds in leather shoes. I am actively training myself to become a back sleeper because I’ve just noticed sleeping lines on the left side of my face.

  1. Not using spf 

Sun-exposed skin can gradually lose moisture and essential oils, making it appear dry, flaky and prematurely wrinkled, even in younger people, according to Harvard Medical School. If you don’t wear sunscreen, you will damage your skin’s collagen and connective tissue … This leads to loss of elasticity and increased wrinkles 

  1. Not drinking water 

People who drink plenty of water may slow symptoms of skin aging and wrinkles. On the other hand, people who do not drink sufficient amounts of water may suffer from sagging, dry, and lusterless skin. Also, the chances of suffering from allergies, pimples and acne are increased for those who don’t drink enough water. Drink all the water-pee all the time. 

Well that’s all folks, let me know if you are guilty of any of these aging culprits @Selena_WillCutYou. See you next week! 



TWSM NYX Eyeliner Review

Eyeliner is tricky. They run under your eyes giving you that “I just got dumped look” & takes some real effort to apply. I actually have to hold my breath while applying, My clients feel the pressure too. They focus so much on trying to hold their heads still so much they end up shaking out of concentration/nervousness. 

The pencils are a soft glide but don’t really give you a neat application. Some liquid liners are so messy and sensitive. 

I recently picked up the NYX Professional Makeup Epic Wear Eye & Body Liquid Liner for $10 at Ulta, you can also find it at Target. I am really impressed with it! They carry this in several colors, Blue is my absolute favorite for a wing liner. She was easy to apply & has a brush applicator which I prefer over a felt tip liner a million times. 

I was feeling super crappy a few days ago, so I figured wearing eyeliner would make me feel better about myself (I haven’t worn makeup in months-thank you COVID) I felt super cute but by the end of the day I was not feeling any better, I actually felt much worse and cried a lot for no reason at all. After having cried I realized my eyeliner was still intact. Win!

The product claims to last up to three days & I believe it….. Wouldn’t recommend keeping it on for more than a day but I believe it. 

Let me know if you try this product or have a product you love! Catch you next time 




How To Extend A Hair Washing

I am not into washing my hair often, I am always on the move, I blink and three days go by without my permission. I’m a once a week washer mainly because I am a workaholic and don’t give myself have time to wash and blow out my hair when I get home. I’m typically in and out of the shower because I have one million other things on my to-do list before I go to bed & prep for the next day. She’s booked and busy. 

These are my tips for extending my hair wash cycle. 

  1. Wash your hair super freaking good. 

Lather every inch of your scalp. Top, Bottom, Sides, Middle, Behind the ears (my person favorite). I use a scalp scrubber from Amazon that my cousin gifted me, it’s better than a salon wash. 

  1. Do not go too high up with a conditioner. 

I wash my scalp & condition my ends. Never the other way around. You want to keep the natural oils on the ends and away from your cranium. Putting a conditioner on the scalp near the roots will have your hair oily before you even get to enjoy it. 

  1. Style your hair. 

Do something, anything! A blowdry will get your hair starting the week correct. Sometimes I air dry my locks & wear braids to sleep then fix whatever pieces don’t look cute in the morning. I did that 3 days ago and I’m still wearing the same waves. I added a few more bends in the texture this morning but she is still going strong.

  1. Don’t touch your hair. 

If you’re a hair toucher or hair flipper… you need to stop. Your hands have oils on them, touching your hair will just make it oily and flat. Ew. 

  1. Dry Shampoo. 

No matter the question, the answer is always dry shampoo. I apply dry shampoo right after my initial style of the week because it prevents it from getting oily quickly. I also apply dry shampoo BEFORE going to the gym because it’ll suck up any sweat from your work out. 

  1. Serums. 

On the ends! I don’t know what it is about my hair that the roots get so oily and my ends get so dry. My preferred cocktail is serum on the ends, dry shampoo in the roots & texturizing spray everywhere else. 

  1. Braids. 

Once my hair gets so dirty it drives me crazy, I’ll braid it and wear the braided look for a few days. The little hairs around my ears bother me the most! I just want to pull them out. Once my hair is done looking cute I’m so tempted to cut it all off. I want it out of my face, I don’t want to feel it at all. But because I’m high functioning-lazy, I’ll just braid her. She adds diversity into my look & I love it. I like braiding my hair when it’s dirty because the braids have more grit to them and stay intact longer (life hack).

Well that’s all folks, let me know if you do any of these tricks @Selena_WillCutYou. See you next week! 



Best Drugstore Hair Products For 2021

Sometimes I like going to the drugstore just to get out of the house, there’s so many products to look at & I love self care. I can go in looking for benadryl and leave with a whole new hair care regimen for Brian & I.

Here are some of my favorite drugstore hair products:

1.It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-InThis stuff is great it Repairs dry and damaged hair while                       preserving hair color, leaving it soft and bouncy. I used to bleach my hair every other month             for 4 years, my locks were pale white and DRY. When I decided to grow out my natural hair             this leave in really helped keep my hair feeling smooth. 

  1. Batiste Dry shampooIf there is anything I need daily that isn’t coffee it’s dry shampoo. I’ve tried all the dry shampoos out there and this one is perfect for me. She cleans your dirty hair with a simple spray. I love to use this right after blow drying my hair from a fresh wash, It adds lots of body and extends the life of your hairstyle.
  1. Not Your Mother’s Mango Butter Curl Defining ConditionerMy hair isn’t curly per say but it is wavy! So I try to enhance its shape. This product reduces frizz and restores your hair’s elasticity, especially if you use heat on your hair consistently. And it smells so good.
  1. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny SerumConditions and seals the ends of your hair, protecting them from possible heat damage from your curling and flat irons. This was my holy grail product in beauty school, I even used it as makeup remover….. Good times.
  1. Garnier Fructis Intensely Smooth Leave-In ConditionerOh man this ones a ride or die, it has vitamin B3 and fruit extracts that’ll fight against dreaded humidity and the frizz that comes with it. I love to take this with me to the beach and slather it all over when my hair is all nasty and salty.

Well that’s all folks, let me know if you try any of these products & how they are working for you @Selena_WillCutYou. See you next week! 



Five Amazing & Affordable Face Foundations

Amazing and affordable face foundations….

Hi Friends, Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a great holiday & has all their resolutions in place & in high spirits. If your resolution is bringing some glam into your everyday life you’re in the right place. I have put together a little list of some really good foundations under $18, I hope you find your forever face potion in this list. 

L’oreal True Match $10.50 

Your skin but better 

45 shades! The formula is medium coverage with a natural finish. With so many shades and undertones True Match matches light to dark and warm, neutral and cool undertones for a true-to-skin result. Formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E & It’s free of oils & fragrances. 

Elf camo CC cream spf 30 $14 

SPF and Gorgeous Finish 

20 shades. Medium-to-full coverage foundation with a natural finish, formulated with SPF 30 to protect against the sun. A multitasking dream cream infused with peptides and niacinamide known to plump, hydrate and smooth the appearance of your skin. 

Colourpop Pretty Fresh $16 

Medium – Full coverage 

42 shades! This foundation is a medium-buildable coverage foundation with a healthy, skin-like finish. It has a bunch of good-for-you ingredients. Hydrafresh complex formulated with fruit extracts & Coconut water known to support hydration and skin softness. 

Wet & Wild Photo Focus $6.50 

Matte & Full coverage 

20 shades. Wet & Wild Delivers a matte finish that photographs amazingly. The formula has a light-adjusting complex to help prevent white cast in photos tested under several light conditions with and without the use of flash (allegedly). 

Maybelline Super Stay $12 

All day wear 

28 shades. Winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty Award, the Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation Makeup delivers 24-hour wear for concentrated coverage and a flawless finish that doesn’t fade or shift all day. Oil free. Doesn’t clog pores. Dermatologist tested.

I would love to hear from you after trying any one of these amazing foundations @Selena_WillCutYou.

See you next week! 



My Trip To Sephora

My trip to Sephora…

Hi Friends! Selena here. How’s everyone doing? 

While shopping I had noticed that my very same items I was going for were in gift sets and they were full sized products! 

I left the store a very happy Selena because I knew I got a good deal. I made two separate purchases and used my Sephora points to get $10 off each transaction. If you didn’t know you could do this ask the cashier and you’re welcome. 

The eye cream I use is Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado ($50). The cost is not an issue for me because I know it works and it’ll last me 5-6 months, so I am always mentally prepared. But when I saw it in a set with the full sized moisturizer ($32), a full sized corrective dark spot serum ($56) and a decently sized face wash all for $74…. I was sold! I figured Brian (my Fiance’) could use the skincare, his routine is nonexistent. 

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Brighten Up & Glow 

The moisturizer I use is Fresh Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer ($42). It’s so good I want to eat it. I found her in a set with the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Toner ($45), which I had never tried but had been eyeing her for a very long time and just never purchased. The set is $68 but was and still is on sale for a whopping $55. What a good deal, I called all my friends hollering about how I basically pulled a fast one on Sephora (I did not). Since then I have tried the toner and I love it 10 out of 10…for now. 

Fresh Rose Hydration Skincare Essentials 

Well that’s all the time we have left, wasn’t that such a good Sephora visit? I’m still high off all those savings. If you’re in need of some self care now is the time to pull the trigger. I’m itching to wash my face and do my nighttime routine! If you have any questions or would like me to review a product please DM me @Selena_willcutyou 

Ciao for now 


What’s In My Shower?

What’s in my shower?

My favorite time of the day is right after dinner when I go straight into the shower. This time to me is so important because self care is life. It’s my think tank, I come up with my best ideas while mindlessly washing my hair. 

The routine is not always the same, I am not a daily shaver or hair washer. This is my love yourself shower after a long day routine. 

  1. Shampoo & Conditioner-The first thing I attack is my shampoo. I’m a wash, rinse and repeat three separate times-type-of-girl. On wash days I typically have about 4 days of hair product built up and my hair is decently long. So getting it takes much more effort to get silky smooth locks .I’ve been using the Tigi Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo & Conditioner set for years! I highly recommend it.
  1. Scalp scrubber-The Scalp scrubber doesn’t seem necessary if you’ve never used one, It cleans your hair in ways that you never could & It stimulates hair growth! Thank me later. 
  1. Face wash-Washing your face is obvious but worth a mention, you’re not gonna wash your hair and not your face. I keep Kiehl’s Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash in my shower it feels light but does a great job without stripping your skin of its natural oils. 
  1. Body wash-This is even more obvious. For bodywash I use Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash because I have sensitive skin & can not be playing around with fragrances & weird chemicals. 
  1. Body scrub-When choosing a body scrub I look for a coarse texture and light fragrance. A body scrub is essential to a pre shave & self tanner situation. Also shaving an unexfoliated surface will lead to strawberry legs. I like to use Herbivore Coconut Milk Body Scrub
  1. Razor-I need to make better choices on razors, I’m currently researching a more sustainable option. In the meantime I am using Gillette Venus Sensitive Women’s Disposable Razors. If anyone has any good recommendations please DM me on Instagram @selena_willcutyou. 
  1. Shaving cream-This is another area where I’m not making the best choices but I am educating myself and working towards a safer & sustainable lifestyle. Fur Oil is on my wishlist, I have heard such amazing things and can’t wait to get my hands on it. 
  1. Foot scrubber- Keeping a Foot Scrubber in the shower has been my thing for such a long time. I will die if I go out on date night and wear a beautiful strappy heel with dry crusty feet. Triggering. 
  1. Hair Mask –It’s a Ten Hair Mask is what is in my shower. I mask when my hair has been going through it, which is often. This is a mask I picked up blindly & was pleasantly surprised. 

Well that was all folks. I hope you got some good notes & enjoyed this. If you have any of these items in your shower and love them or hate them let me know! Or a similar beauty shower routine. 




Simple But Effective Beauty Routine

Simple but effective with 4 items beauty routine…

I am not a Mom or single but I am working, typically I am always in a rush to get somewhere and not nearly caffeinated enough. Even if it’s just doing stuff around the house I always make an effort to do these four things because it makes me feel beautiful and alive. 

Less is more for my daily look simply because I am a high functioning lazy procrastinator and my energy only goes so far. This look can take me anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes (I am also a perfectionist). 

  1. SPF: Sunscreen because duh! You can use a Moisturizer with SPF, BB cream, Powder, Foundation or straight up coppertone for the face. Just put it on!

       SPF is as important as brushing your teeth. It’s going to save you from needing to get botox        every 4 months in the future. I tell all my clients “it’s the cheapest & best anti aging product          you can get” 

    My SPF of choice is the Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40. It’s completely clear, good for all skin                types, has a natural velvety finish so it works amazing as a primer under makeup & it’s made      of clean chemicals, yay to better choices! 


  1. Mascara: Lashes! Curl them and put on some waterproof mascara. This is where the process can get long. I was blessed with long beautiful eyeball hairs but they are straight as sticks…. so I really prioritize curling them before applying mascara. This step really does most of the heavy lifting from this beauty formula because it opens up the eyes, making you look awake and gives the appearance of bigger eyes.

      Waterproof formula not just because I am uber emotional and anything can happen but              because they keep the curled shape intact. When I use a regular formula they go back to              being flat no matter how much elbow grease I put into curling them, think of it like this…. If          you curled the hair on your head and brushed water through it what would happen? The              curl pattern would go back to its regular state. Science <3 

      Any waterproof mascara works, I use the Voluminous by Loreal – Makeup by Mario (Kim’s            MUA) swears by it.


  1. Brows: This process is subjective, do whatever you want with your facial hair. My preference is that if I could laser off every hair below my lashes I would. Fluffy and Bushy brows are definitely my jam but very shaped and intentional with the look. When grooming my brows I don’t want to make myself look like anyone else nor do I want to try too hard.

       I like to use a tinted brow gel with fibers because it keeps the hairs in place, gives a tint and         with a heavier hand you can literally paint the brows with it & the fibers add some bushy-             ness to the brow. My preferred product of choice is Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+                    Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel in shade 3 Medium (neutral light brown) 


  1. Lip Balm: Nothing screams out “I did not try” like lips that resemble cracked sidewalks. I can always rely on Carmex.

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed it. Keep in touch @selenawillcutyou