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Get The Other Person Saying Yes

Get The Other Person Saying Yes, Yes Immediately….
This is another Dale Carnegie principle, the idea itself has been credited to Socrates who was famous for asking questions rather than making statements in his dealing with people. This allowed him to understand them in a deeper way.
Unfortunately over the years sales people have been taught this as a “sales technique“ in order to coerce a customer to buy something. Having been associated with the sales industry for most of my adult life, I find the idea of manipulation detestable.
What Socrates and Dale Carnegie meant by this method was, to find areas in which you agree with someone.  There will be places where we disagree, but looking for where we agree does a couple of things. It causes us to think in terms of the other person’s interests and it takes our focus off of where we disagree. We are more likely to find common ground where we agree.  We are more open to someone else’s views when we feel they understand ours. We feel validated.
 “In talking with people, don’t begin by discussing the things On which you differ. Begin by emphasizing – and keep on emphasizing – the things on which you agree. Keep emphasizing – if possible – that you were both striving for the same end and you’re only difference is one of method and not purpose.“
– Dale Carnegie; How To Win Friends and Influence People
So, get the other person saying “yes, yes” immediately, and do it sincerely.

Can You Hear It Now?

Can you hear it now?

You probably know about Apple’s AirPods by now. I have been using them for over 2 years and still believe that they are one of Apple’s great achievements.

I have always tried to wear a headset when using my phone and continually am challenged by the wire connecting them to the phone. It always seems to get in the way. So, when Bluetooth headsets hit the market I started looking for ones that would stay in my ear, provide decent sound quality, both in the microphone and headset. I quickly discovered that anything that met those criteria hovered around $80-$100 price tag. The ones I liked best was made by Jobra  even though I had to use a hook  for it to stay on my ear.

As soon as Apple unveiled the AirPods,  I wanted a pair. I loved the minimal size and the idea that the case also charged them. But, once I got them I fell in love. Synching to my phone was as easy as pressing a button on the back of the case… That was it. My phone recognized them immediately and I was ready to start using them.

The design of the case is just what you would expect from Apple. You can feel the quality… from the smooth lines to the mechanical lid to the way the air pods slide into place magnetically. The case is about the size of a box of dental floss and fits easily and inconspicuously in my shirt pocket.

Usually I only use one AirPod at a time and get about 4 hours of battery life.  If I get low, I swap to the other one. That way I have another 4 hours while the first one charges back up. At my level of use the case only needs charging every three or four days.

My only complaint is that I sometimes leave the house without them….

I solved that by buying a second pair to leave in my car…and at $160 each, that says more about how much I love my AirPods.

The newest version is called AirPod Pro ($249). They are smaller in size, have a longer battery life, noise cancelling capability, and use silicone tips for a better fit….yes I did upgrade and fell in love again.


I Can See It Now

I can see now…You don’t have to be old to have trouble reading small print. I started having trouble about 10 years ago and that’s when I started wearing glasses for the first time. But even with glasses, there are times I find I need a little extra help to read fine print. If you are always at your desk you can keep a magnifying glass in your drawer. But, what about all the other times?

 There is a very fast shortcut on your iPhone that will turn your camera into a magnifying glass so you can read that label or see anything up close. Here is what you need to do…

 Open settings on your iPhone, scroll down to accessibility, choose magnifier, and toggle magnifier to on. That’s it, from now on all you have to do is press the button on the right hand side of your iPhone three times and the camera will be activated and you will be able to read fine print up close. You are also able to zoom in more or zoom out. And the other great option is you can take a picture so you don’t have to sit and hold your phone like a magnifying glass. Just zoom in and take a picture and now you have a photo to be able to read and scroll around.

 The best part is you won’t have to ask anyone else to help you read fine print anymore, No one has to know, and I won’t tell.


Arouse In The Other Person An Eager Want

Arouse In The Other Person An Eager Want

In Dale Carnegie’s book How To Win Friends and Influence People, there are a collection of human relations principles, 30 to be exact. This is principle 3.

 I remember when I first read this principle I didn’t really understand it. Then I read an example from his book… 

 “One day the famous philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson and his son were trying to get a calf into the barn. It was going rather poorly. They pushed and the calf pulled. They pulled and the calf pushed. Meanwhile, their housemaid noticed their predicament, and though she couldn’t write brilliant essays or books, she possessed an insight she thought might solve the problem. She walked over to the calf and put her finger in its mouth. While the calf suckled, she gently led it into the barn. What did the maid know that the luminous philosopher had forgotten? She knew that one of the calf’s core desires was food. Once she tapped into that desire, the calf willingly followed. Emerson and his son merely thought about what they desired—the calf in the barn so they could eat their lunch.” from “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

 What I like most about this example is that the desired result didn’t come from the smartest person in the room, nor the most educated…it came from the person who paid attention to what was most important to others and was willing to give it to them.

 It is not about manipulating or forcing someone to do something. It is about paying attention to what is important to them. People are much happier to help if they can also get something they want. By paying attention to other people, and being interested in learning more about them, will likely result in better relationships.

 Carnegie’s book was written in the 50s but is still very relevant today. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend it.

 Full disclosure, I was a Dale Carnegie instructor for 10 years early on in my career, and still read it every couple of years as a reminder of the important things in life.


Read A Good Book

Time to read a good book..working from home, or just staying home has presented us with new challenges. All of us have had more extra time then we can remember.

 Some are using the time to take online courses, learn, or brush up on, a new language, or read a good book again. Reading books was often put on the back burner until we went on vacation. But, this could be a part of our new normal.

 I’ve been reading a lot more myself, and being more of a geek, I read all of my Books on my iPad. I love being able to carry 20 or 30 Books with me at all times. My favorite apps for reading books are Apple‘s books (free), Kindle (free), and Audible (2 free books@$15/mo.). Apple’s Books and Kindle are use for reading hardcopy books and Audible for listening to a book being read to me.

 Both Apple’s Books and Kindle are free apps to use once you purchase a book and downloaded it. Audible is a subscription service that costs around $15 a month and you get two free books to download per month.

 If you’re on an iPhone or an iPad, Apple Books is the easiest and most integrated app to use. What I have found is sometimes I can’t find a book I’m looking for and Kindle has it. That’s the main reason I use both apps for reading books.

 Audible, has upped the number of books I have read because I don’t have to physically read them, I listen to them. Therefore, I can “read” while doing other things. I will often be listening to an audiobook when I’m doing dishes or cooking. I almost always listen while I’m driving. So, I am able to read more often.

 Apple Books and Kindle offer some very nice options. You can very easily highlight text, bookmark pages, and even take notes while reading. You can simply tap on the word and look it up in the dictionary to make sure you fully understand context. All three apps will remember where you left off and can be used on a desktop, iPad, or iPhone.

 With all the options, there is no excuse to not start your summer reading now.


Photo Memories

Photo Memories

Over the past weeks that we have been staying at home, Im willing to wager that you have been taking more pictures than normal. And even if you havent, when you do, the dilemma always is how can I make my pictures look better?

All new phones come standard with high quality cameras and the ability to edit photos right on the phone. Since I use an Apple iPhone, I am familiar with its built in editing capabilities…. and they really are very good, But I often find that Id like to do additional things to my photos.

Snapseed (free) is a very robust Photo editing app and has become my go to editing app for my photos. In addition to all the standard editing functions It has features like the ability to easily erase features in the picture, like telephone wires or a stray objects that are distracting. It also has very advanced features that were only previously found in expensive apps. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Group shot (.99) is in app that literally performs magic. You know all the times you took a group photo that was perfect except for that one person with their eyes closed. With GroupShot the trick is to take multiple photos of the group. Then you can replace that one person with their eyes closed with them in another photo where they have their eyes open. Its as easy is swiping over their face in one photo and then swiping over their face in another photo and presto the first photo now has everyone with their eyes open.

If youre a fan of filters, Prisma (free w/ in app purchases) is an app that will transform your photo into what looks like a painting or water color. There are so many options that It is often difficult to choose which one to use, but the results are amazing.

After playing around with some of these apps, you will be amazed at what a good photographer you really are. You will have finished products you are really proud of.


Keeping Track Of My Memory

Keeping track of my memory…I was so happy when handheld computers first came to market. I used to keep my calendar and all of my handwritten notes in the day timer brand notebook that lived in my jacket pocket. But back in the late 90s Apple invented the first of what was called a personal digital assistant or PDA. I was one of the first to buy the Newton. It was just little bit larger than my notebook, but it allowed me to enter all of my appointments, and notes digitally. I was forever writing notes on napkins or scrap pieces of paper that I could find, but the problem was I had to remember to sort them and enter them into my day timer. But with the Newton, once something was entered, I could search and find my notes Without a problem.

We certainly have come a long ways since then, and not surprisingly I am still writing notes all the time. Jim Rohn has written many things pertaining to personal success. One of them, which he says was his most important building block to his success, was keeping a journal. He used his journals for coordinating good ideas, solving problems, supporting his memory, and keeping track of his myriad of ideas. Here is a short article that describes in detail the reasons why we should all keep a journal.

Of course, there is an app for that. Evernote, which I referred to a few weeks ago is well adapted for journaling. You can enter text or pictures or drawings and store them by date. Simply create a folder to hold similar ideas or projects. Since Evernotes search function is first rate, youll always be able to find your notes. Another app called Day One ( is geared primarily for journaling and is a very robust app, free to use, and upgradable to premium functions if you like, for $35 a year. (I use the free option)

I have been using Day One for over a year, and although I dont use it as extensively as I could, I find it invaluable. It provides me a place to keep my thoughts and ideas, as well as quotes and inspiring articles. Its search function is also first-rate, so finding entries is simple.

Since I almost always have my phone with me, my journal is always just a few taps away.


Keep Your Information Safe

Over these last couple of months weve learned ways of keeping ourselves safe and protected.

But what about all of our information?

This is where Software can help. There are a couple of apps that stand out in this arena. The first, and my favorite, is LastPass (free). This is an app the keeps your information save and encrypted. You have one master password that gives you access to the app and from there you can find all of your passwords, bank account numbers, and any other personal information you want protected. It is easy to use and works across any browser or device. Which means that when you go onto the web to say,, LastPass will be sitting in the background, recognizing where you are and offering up your password to enter that site. And then when checking out youll be able to choose a credit card to pay with. LastPass remembers your credit card numbers, expiration dates, as well as their 3 digit codes.

I have friends who keep all their passwords on sticky notes stuck to their computer, and some that have a spiral notebook with all of their passwords. The beauty of a password manager is all of your passwords are available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This has app has been the greatest time saver in my life.

Two other Apps that have similar functions are 1password and Dashlane . 1Password has a free trial and then it costs $2.99/mo. Dashlane has a free component for one device and $5.99 to upgrade. Lastpass is free and full featured but has an upgrade to $3.00/mo for advanced add-ons. ( I have always used the free option).

I cant imagine living without a password manager in this password dominated world. Here is a link to a tutorial on Lastpass so you can get a feel for how it works (free/ premium upgrade) ($2.99/mo) (free/premium upgrade)


Best Aps For Staying Organized

Most of us have been working from home over these last weeks, trying to stay organized and by now notice that it probably hasn’t gone as expected. We most likely already made changes in our routines and the way we work.

One of the areas that cause made much anxiety when I first started working from home was what I will refer to as my filing system. An old manager of mine from years ago would say “there’s nothing wrong with my filing system, it’s my retrieval system that doesn’t work”.  That is a concept  that has stuck with me over time, because in reality there are not two systems, only one.

A filing system that will work does have to be thought out before hand. We have come a long way, because when I worked for that manager everything was on paper, and file folders, and filing cabinets. There was no such thing as a cell phone and computers were not something that every person had.

Now that most things are stored digitally, we have been presented with new challenges. Back then there was one filing cabinet where everything was kept, but today we have files and documents stored on our computers, iPads, mobile phones, and backup drives.  Trying to keep all of them in  synch can be daunting.

There are two apps that have simplified my life dramatically. The first is Dropbox and the second is Evernote.  Both apps will store any type of document or photo you can throw at them  and have strong search engines to be able to find documents by typing a word or phrase contained in a document.

The key is to create folders to store everything related to one another. For instance, in Dropbox I have a folder specifically for real estate forms, another for real estate clients, another one for personal items and another for company related information, to name a few. I will leave you to create your own filing system.  

I’m using Evernote  in a slightly different way. It’s searching capability is far stronger than drop boxes. I primarily use it for storing photos and hand written notes from my iPad.  The search engine is so powerful that it will find words in photos. For instance if I take a picture of a business card I can search for the person’s name or the company name and Evernote will find it within the picture.  I can also ask to find a word that I had written in a document on my iPad and it’ll find it. It seems almost magical that it can do that.

Both apps are free to use with basic functionality, which is enough for me, but have paid upgrades for more storage and additional capabilities.



I Can See You

I can see you….

Now that we have been staying inside for a few weeks, we have all gotten a taste of what it’s like to work from home. I am sure that everyone has stories about how things have worked and probably even more stories about how they haven’t worked well. The most important thing to do though is this soldier on, stay inside as much as possible, and continue to find ways to make life and work more enjoyable and practical.

In talking to friends and colleagues about their experience working from home, the biggest thing that comes up is how they miss the personal interaction that work used to provide. 

You most likely have heard your friends and colleagues talking about the video conferencing program called Zoom. It is been around for some time and you may already have participated in a zoom meeting yourself. Companies are using it on a regular basis now for company meetings, client meetings, and project collaboration. And church groups, Rotary clubs, AA meetings, Book clubs and a myriad of other organizations have also taken up meeting via Zoom. One of the main reasons it’s so popular is that the experience of being able to see everyone in a meeting, and while it isn’t the same as being there in person, it is much more personal than a conference call. Zoom is relatively easy to set up and use and is free to use. The only thing that a participant has to do is download the Zoom app to be able to login to the meetings. I will add links to YouTube tutorials at the end of the article for this, and the other programs I mention.

If you use an iPhone, FaceTime is another app that is extremely easy to use. It has been upgraded so that you can invite up to 32 people in one FaceTime call. FaceTime is generated from either a contact file or from messages. If you haven’t used it yet, it is very straightforward but I am including a tutorial link on YouTube that goes into great detail.

There is one more way to connect through video and that’s through the Facebook messenger app. Although messenger typically used to text, it is quite efficient and straightforward to video chat also. 

I think you’ll find that connecting with people via video will be easier than you think and more rewarding and satisfying then you imagined.

Zoom basics


Messenger video chat