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Start Small When Goal Setting

I read an article the other day about goal setting that really struck me. 

it was written by Kristine Carter who has been coaching individuals and corporations on how to accomplish goals for decades. Since the pandemic, she has noticed her difficulty following her own advice about achieving goals. She wound up realizing that if we come to expect disappointment we can use it to our advantage and require ourselves only to do something so minuscule, that it would feel silly if we didn’t do it.

So basically, how she got back into running was to form the habit of running just one minute every day. She discovered that achieving  our goals has less to do with will power and more a willingness to be bad at our desired behavior.

I noticed for myself that even though I am physically compromised in my upper body I still am able to walk with little difficulty. So the idea for me now is not to walk down the driveway and back up (about ½ mi), which is what I thought would get me back into some sort of aerobic shape, but, to simply walk to the lower garage (a distance of about 30 yds) and back every day. It seems stupid to think of my exercise regime is only walking to the garage and back. But, I do notice that it is something so simple and so minuscule that I can make a habit of it. And once it becomes a habit, doing what seems like nothing, the idea of walking the driveway could seem a logical progression. Making a habit of something so simple opens the door to greater possibility.

She says that if you want to go outside more, start by just opening your door, if you want to eat healthier just put one piece of lettuce on your sandwich. The trick is getting started and making it a habit.


Don’t Miss Anything

Just this week I came across an article written by Jim Rohn about the six essential things for living a good life. You can read the whole article here, one of those essentials he named ‘Don’t Miss Anything’. He said his parents told him to never miss the game, the performance, the movie, the dance. Buy a ticket to everything you can.

I remember years ago I had seasons tickets to a local playhouse and they would rotate plays every two weeks. I loved going to the theater and seeing a live performance, but that was the 30 years ago and I can’t remember the last play I have seen in person. 

I would also go to the movie theater on a regular basis as well as eat out at least once a week. All that has changed dramatically during the pandemic this last year but I also know that I had stopped doing those things long before.

Reading Jim’s article caused me to take a look and ask myself why did I stop? And my initial answer is Life happened, but what’s true is Life stopped happening. I don’t say that to feel sorry for myself, but to tell the truth. Somehow my priorities changed and I became more serious.

About 2 months ago I took a trip to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. My wife and I spent our honeymoon there would usually go back a couple of times a year to have dinner or just simply sit  in the library and read. There are trails to walk and comfortable couches to relax on. It had been a number of years since I was there and one Saturday afternoon I decided to drop everything and just go. It’s about an hour away and it’s a beautiful drive. It was wonderful to be there again. I got a bite to eat in one of their new restaurants. It was a wonderful spur of the moment delight. There is no reason why I can’t do more of that, and thanks to Jim Rohn I am reminded of that.

Those are the times that we remember. Those are the things that make us feel we have a life well lived. These are challenging times but there is still plenty that can be done that fulfills us. Watch your favorite movies on Netflix, take a course online, Zoom with your family and friends on a regular basis. I have found it easy to fall into the trap of forgoing the things I used to do, but no more. 

Thank you Jim for the wake-up call.

Have a great week.


Wayne Dyer On Resentments

I was listening to a recording of Wayne‘s Dyer speaking to a unity congregation and he said some things that are profound and confronting. He said that there are no justified resentments. 

That statement alone, is mind bending. It actually would be enough to make people stop listening to him, 

But then he went on to say….

“Finding fault with all of the things that you’ve been taught by others means opening yourself up to the potentiality and the possibility that anything and everything is possible. So having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing, really means finding within ourselves the ability to get rid of a trait that I find so common in contemporary world. Do you know that most people that I meet spend their lives looking for occasions to be offended? if indeed we lived a life open to everything and attached to nothing, there would be no way to be insulted or offended and therefore not hold any grudges or resentments. We would simply be a response like oh, I never thought of it that way, or that’s an interesting way to look at it.”

I confess when I heard him say, most people go around every day looking for occasions to be offended, I was offended. 

Which completely proves his point. In that split second I thought to myself I’m not like most people I don’t go looking for reasons to be offended. Except that offense was my immediate response to his statement. I didn’t think to myself oh let me think about that, or that’s interesting why would he say that? I jumped immediately to being offended.

I have been thinking about this for the last four or five days and see how prevalent it is in my mind and how it is practically everywhere I look. People are simply machines walking around being offended by just about everything and everybody. People are offended if someone follows them too closely on the highway, or switching lanes without using a blinker. They are offended at the checkout counter if someone is taking too long. We are offended if someone takes too long to answer a text message. We carry around with us unspoken expectations of everyone. And when they don’t measure up to those expectations in our mind, we get  offended.

This one simple concept has shaken my world up. It has caused me to observe myself being insulted on a regular basis. I am, fairly skilled at rearranging being insulted, but I had no idea that it is my default response. It is even insulting to be writing this right now.

So, I see the place to get to will be asking questions like, “I wonder why they did it that way?” Or “isn’t that interesting?”. 

Frankly the idea of being open to everything and attached to nothing sounds completely freeing. 

Life will be filled with wonder rather than resentments and insults.


Goals-How To Get What You Want

When setting goals we are told to be sure to write them down. 

We will be far more likely to achieve them if we do that. 

I remember thinking when I first heard that, it seemed silly, it’s my goal I know what it is and I won’t forget it. 

Except, much of time I did forget, I never really took the time to think more about them. 

I eventually did start writing them down and that’s when things changed dramatically for me. I would carry them around with me on a 3 x 5 card and I read them every day or so. It was a very good way to keep them fresh in my mind.

There is another way to get increased results and that is through envisioning. What you do is turn your goal into pictures. For instance I always wanted to live in the country. My written goal was to move to the country before I was 40 years old. 

I bought a piece of posterboard and started cutting pictures out of magazines that looked like places I would like to live and glue them to the board. Some people call this a vision board. When it was completely filled with pictures I would look at them and feel things in my body. I could feel what it was like to sit by the edge that lake, or feel the wind blowing and hear the trees rustling. I moved to the country when I was 26 years old, 14 years ahead of schedule.

When an idea is coupled with emotion, magic happens. 

Almost every motivational author quotes of version of, “you become what you think about all day long.” 

If you want to reach your goals, take the time to envision them often.


Think Today

Think today…

Dale Carnegie wrote another, lesser known book called How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. He discovered while teaching his public speaking classes that people became paralyzed  with fear by things they worry about. It was written in the same style as How To Win Friends And Influence People. He interviewed well-known people of the time as well as include personal stories told in his classes by people who had overcome their worries and how they did it. 

He documented 30 principles for overcoming worry. One of them he named 

Live In Day Tight Compartments. We have all heard varying versions of this idea. One day at a time, just for today, live for today etc. The principle is the same, don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Do today, the best you can, with what you have, where you are. The premise is tomorrow won’t matter if you don’t make it through today. So, be here now the best you can.

I just lost my wife to a two-year health challenge. I was her primary care provider, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for that time. That alone was a challenge, but now I have a whole new set of challenges. Things that I’ve never done before, such as managing an estate and all the details associated with someone’s passing. All while handling the sorrow of losing a partner of 30 years. I have wonderful people around me helping and supporting me, but I still have to handle me.


One thing I have mastered over the years is being able to take one more step, and then one more after that. So, that’s what I do. I ask myself what can I complete today. And then what else can I complete today, until the day itself is complete. Then, do it all over again tomorrow. I have been around long enough and seen enough to know that everything always works out as long as I keep moving. There is no going around. There is only going through.

Life sometimes seems unfair.… And it is. Life is not supposed to be easy. Trust me, even those people you look at with envy for how easy their life seems, have their own worries and challenges. Our jobs are to use ours to become the best me we can.

Live in day tight compartments, and soon you won’t have to.


Give Honest And Sincere Appreciation

Giving honest and sincere appreciation…

Dale Carnegie’s 2nd human relations principle.

We all want to know we make a difference to someone or to many someones. Remember the last time someone appreciated you? and how enlivened you felt? Why wouldn’t you want to make someone else feel that way?  

I’m like you. I get busy and don’t take the time to let others know what they mean to me and how they have contributed to my life as much as I could. I also know what a difference it would make for them to hear it. So, why do I hesitate? There are a lot of answers to that question, but none of them are a good justification. Nothing creates or builds a relationship more than being honest. And that includes being honest about how others have contributed to you.

My wife was well known for celebrating birthdays. And one of her signature acts was to make sure that we went around the table allowing everyone to acknowledge the person who’s birthday it was. After all the food was eaten and gifts opened up, People would take a turn saying three things they appreciate about them. It’s always a bit awkward to give and/or receive appreciation, but this is worth more than all the gifts people brought. To hear how you make a difference, even in a small way, stokes the ‘fire in your belly’ to give more.    

Join me in taking more time to honestly appreciate those around you.


Become Genuinely Interested In Others

​Become genuinely interested in other people….

I am busy. Everyday I think about what I have to do and how I am going to get it all done. I am sure that sounds familiar. It is normal to think of ourselves. It is a good thing, because we are ultimately helping other people…..our kids, customers, civic groups, church groups……Yet how often do we really take an interest in the people we interact with every day?

There are just a handful of people in my neighborhood that I know a lot about.
What do I really know about all the people in my office?

Take a quick tour of Facebook and Instagram and see how many photos are selfies?
It’s not wrong, but it is instructive.

Dale Carnegie says that if we want people to be interested in us, we need to be interested in them. The most interesting people are the ones who are most interested.

My favorite story about Dale Carnegie is when he was a guest at a friends party and met a woman who had recently returned from Africa. He had always wanted to travel to Africa and spent the next few hours asking her question after question about her experience.  After he left the party the woman he was speaking to made a point of mentioning to the host that Dale Carnegie was the most wonderful conversationalist. Dale confessed that he only spoke a few sentences while asking questions. She was the one that spoke the entire time. She thought he was interesting because he was genuinely interested.

I vividly remember my grandfather in his final years admitted himself into a nursing home because he knew he needed the help. He spent his entire adult life as a surgeon so that didn’t seem odd. The most wonderful thing though was when I went to visit, the very first thing he did was introduce me to one of his nurses. He told me all about her family and children and how she liked horses just like I did. He probably knew more about her than many of her friends did. And that wasn’t all, he knew as much about all of the doctors and other nurses taking care of him… And he was the patient.

After my visit, on the way out, the nurses at the desk made a point of saying what a wonderful man my grandfather was. It’s true he was. And I have a better understanding as to why.

Lets all become genuinely interested in other people


Saving Photos From Text Messages

Saving photos from text messages…

I know that if you’re anything like me, you are sending and receiving text messages all day long. Within those texts are most likely pictures too. Many of them are disposable, like the pictures of a cat rolling on the floor in seven different poses. Yet there are times that you receive photos that you really do want to keep. Thankfully, all photos in text messages are not automatically saved into your camera roll. If you want them there, you have to move them yourself. Here’s how to do that.

Open the messages app and go to the conversation that has the pictures you’re interested in. Press and hold the image until options appear and tap save. That will now be in your camera roll. If you have an iPhone 6s or earlier, tap the photo then tap the box with the arrow coming out of it and choose save image.

If you want to save all of the pictures from one person, again open the text message conversation where the images are, then tap on the person‘s name at the top, and tap the info icon. Then scroll down on that screen all the way to the bottom and choose, see all photos. And now you can select all of the images that you want to save at once. Once you are done tap save at the bottom left.

Understand, that typically photos sent by text message are usually a lower quality. So, if you want a higher quality photograph, always send it through email and choose the resolution size you want.

We all love our pictures, and carry a professional quality camera in our pocket. Now you have a way to keep from having to always scroll through your text messages to find that one special photo.


Be A Good Listener

Be a good listener…I was in my office the other day and overheard an interesting conversation…

Mary was telling Kim (not their real names) about what her boy friend said to her that hurt her feelings. Kim said that she knew just how she felt because her boy friend had done something similar to her just last week. Kim then went on for a good 15 minutes describing in detail her incident. I’m sure her intent was to help Mary feel she wasn’t alone. Yet I’m not sure that’s what Mary felt.

I confess that I do the same thing sometimes. I have to catch myself and remember that who I am talking to didn’t ask for my advice or my commiseration. They simply wanted someone to listen to them. They don’t want me to fix anything, they want me to hear them. Hear how they are feeling and what they think.

We all yearn to be ‘gotten’, to be heard and understood.

More upsets are solved by listening than by offering advice. Dale Carnegie’s principle; Be A Good Listener, Encourage Other To Talk About Themselves is another pathway to more fruitful relationships.

Let’s all focus on being a better listener. We have two ears and one mouth for good reason… We should listen twice was much as we talk.

Be a good listener,


Talk In Terms

‘Talk In Terms of the Other Person’s Interest’

The last principal was about listening instead of talking. Dale Carnegie said that listening to someone is enlivening to them. Yet if you must talk, talk about something that they are interested in.

 I admit it, I would talk about gadgets and technology and Apple computer all day nonstop, if I could.  Its actually embarrassing to admit,  but its true. Anyone who really knows me, knows that.  If you want my attention, talk to me about the iPhone, or iPad.  Sometimes people stop me in the store and ask me how I like my Apple Watch. I have to be careful not to take up a half hour of their time in the store lauding The Dick Tracy gadget on my wrist. 

 We are all like that with regard to some topic. So really, our job is to find that topic for other people.  

 Theodore Roosevelt is purported to have made a habit of staying up late reading up on topics that the people he was meeting the next day, were interested in so he could have meaningful conversations with them about something that was of great interest to them. People were always impressed with his extent of his knowledge on many subjects.

Too often people seem to be interested the other person when in reality they end up talking about what they personally are interested in. Such as; oh, Im sorry you hurt your wrist. I hurt mine a few years ago…” and then launch into a long story about themselves. Talking in terms of their interests, not yours.

Lets all take the time to learn and talk about what other people are interested in. We will all be richer for it.