ABB- Always Bringing Benefit

Always Bringing Benefit.

So there’s ADD, ADHD, OCD and a plethora of other acronyms that have negative connotations…I thought it was time that we invented a new one that didn’t make you feel depressed when you used it.  Introducing ABB…Always Bringing Benefit.

We could all be people that have ABB; it’s possible for us to act in ways that are always bringing to others.  Granted we may have to tailor our current conversations and behavior, however it is indeed possible.

Perhaps instead of all of us worrying about what affliction everyone may have, we might concern ourselves with how we can make things better for other people.

It doesn’t take much effort to bring benefit to another person…can be as simple as opening a door, giving a compliment, drying a tear, giving a hug…you get the picture.

Go ahead give it a try…maybe we should get T-shirts made:)

ABB—Always Bringing Benefit


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One thought on “ABB- Always Bringing Benefit

  1. Warren Gubbons

    I couldn’t agree more. This approach has made all the difference in my business, especially in sales when meeting clients and prospective clients.
    My good friend and sales trainer taught me well to let go of the outcome to get for myself alone, when with clients. Instead, listen for what they need, and how to help them win – even in ways that have nothing to do with your company “getting” a sale.
    I like the T-shirt idea…ABB
    Always Bringing Benefit


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