Time To Break Traditions

I realized this is the year we change the rules, break traditions… Nothing has really gone as planned since March, so its time not to follow our normal plan for the rest of the year… Time to break some traditions and make new…

I am such a tradition person, I love traditions… I have tried to pass many down to my kids…so, this year, my kids have been begging to put up the Christmas Decorations early.  I think they started even asking before Halloween.

Of course, I said “no way, we do not put up anything until the day after thanksgiving” in my mom voice.  That is the tradition and we do not change it.  Since I was a little girl, we always put up our decorations and tree the day after thanksgiving.  And yes, we all have that one friend that has always put her tree up in October and I would roll my eyes and think she was crazy…

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday….I love getting the newspaper with all the black friday ads (totally old school), along with watching the Macy’s day parade and the smell of the turkey in the oven….all that delicious food that I can not make.

The place cards sitting in front of each place setting, which were made many years ago that are full of spills and old gravy.  My kids sitting at the kid table putting the olives on their fingers and just eating buns with butter.   The Ham Pickle Roll Ups that no one can live without… My mom telling everyone that there is “No Football” on Thanksgiving.. She never wont that battle.  Its the kick off to the Holiday Season and I love that.

So this week, it really hit me hard  when my mom said we could not have Thanksgiving this year.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Thanksgiving was cancelled, I was mad.  And at first, I was kind of mad at her…. How could she cancel thanksgiving…. And then I realized it was for the best.

But not getting together as a family, its just so sad, plus I might have to cook now.  I know lots of whining from me… But I am tired of trying to be ok with all these damn 2020 changes.

So, yesterday my daughter asked again, “can we please put up our Christmas decorations this weekend” and I started with my mom voice “NO…along with my normal rant about when we put them up” and then I stopped and said “yes, I guess we can”.  I mean, “ why not”.

I mean really why not…nothing is normal anymore this year… maybe its time to break traditions and start things new.  I feel like this Holiday Season should be just full of extra joy and happiness.  It’s like I want to turn our home into a Holiday Village with snow and twinkling little lights.

I know that I feel the heaviness of the unknown this year and I can tell my kids do also.  They do not understand all the changes in our plans and not being able to get together like in the past.  They are doing their best with it, but I think we are all just tired.

Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, 1st Communion, Confirmation, many Birthdays and now Thanksgiving are all different.  There are no big family get togethers or celebrations.  And as much as I have gone with the flow and adapted, it really sucks.

So this year, we are starting our holiday decorations and celebrations early… I am breaking my golden rule and breaking the traditions.  It started this morning, with the holiday music and ordering another Christmas tree off amazon.  And we all decided to make Xmas cookies the day before thanksgiving. Another tradition that I just broke…

We might all be sick of it all by Christmas, but at least we can really enjoy the next 6 weeks.  And I want my kids to remember 2020 as the year we started new traditions…





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