Noelle Federico is the owner of Fortunato Partners, Inc., a boutique consulting firm.  She is also a social media influencer and the creator of The Working Single Mom brand which has a reach of 27 million people monthly.  She writes, teaches, speaks, consults and coaches.   Additionally, she is a Project Manager for BRYN LAW GROUP in Miami, FL.  In 2016 after 14 plus years, she stepped down from her position as CFO, CMO and Business Manager of LLC, where she was a member of the founding team that created the global stock photography leader. Her focus has now returned to project management, corporate training, consulting, writing and coaching small business people and entrepreneurs.

Noelle has over 34 years of experience in all aspects of business management, finance and development as well as media relations, sales and marketing.  She teaches Branding and Marketing and is the author of ‘Notes on Branding’ and several other books including ‘Practical Change… 8 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Life’ and ‘Practical Change…Inspiration for Kicking Ass & Slaying Dragons.   She is also the Founder of the non-profit, A Generous Heart, Inc.

Noelle graduated from Fisher College in Boston, MA and also attended Suffolk University. Additionally, she is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Training and a Landmark Worldwide graduate.  Formerly of Boston/ Cape Cod, MA and Franklin, TN …she now resides in Fairfax, Vermont.  After 18 years of being a working single mom she said, “what the hell” and got married in November of 2019 to a man with whom she had a 20 year history …She lives with her husband, her 19 year old son, Antonio and two large cats and one small cat named Merlin.


Raised with an appreciation of family,friends,writing, music, and cheese, Caprise has embraced her Wisconsin upbringing-sadly enduring her lactose intolerance. Her love of writing however, has never been curbed. Starting in the second grade when she wrote a poem for her teacher’s new baby. 38 years later, Caprise is still at it. Following college, her professional career in Human Resources was switched to education after deciding she was over adults. With time spent on her observations on life and her free spirited daughter known as G, Caprise hosts a weekly radio show. Shoes, makeup, music, pastries, tattoos and a slight obsession with Henry Rollins have replaced the loss of cheese and ice cream in her life; all the while restrained with whip cream and a cherry on top of this thing she calls life.


From the streets of Massachusetts to the valleys of Idaho, this single mother has sacrificed a lot to provide an amazing life for her son who is now a senior in college soon to live his life. She has a FT job, a PT job & two side hustles. She has overcome a lot and is reminded by her latest tattoo, (NOTW) that she is ‘Not of This World’ …only IN it. Every day she focuses on finding the joy in the sadness, the turmoil, the chaos that is in her heart or in the world. If she could write a biography, you would ask “how is she alive today after all that she’s been through? why is she so positive? and where does she get her tenacity?”  Trial after trial; divorce, homelessness, suffering, loneliness, deaths, heartache, tragedy, misfortune……She has overcome!  How?….BUT GOD. That’s it!  Right there in a nutshell. BUT GOD. After every upset there has been triumph & blessing & miracle & victory…  After every storm there has been a rainbow.  Over & over & over again.  She knows like she knows, she is here to love others and to be a beacon of light in the darkness. She is a God Girl.


Daniela’s a teenager that was born, and is currently being raised, in Florida. Her passions in life include music, baseball games, family time, and of course, writing. Daniela has been writing from a very young age. Whether it was writing lyrics to songs with her best friends or writing essays about incredible novels, Daniela always believed that words had the power to inspire different people. Daniela is just now starting her writing career. She hopes to one day study political science and journalism in none other than the capital of the U.S. She thanks the people closest to her in life for inspiring her to pursue her writing dreams.


Megan (snarky divorced gal) is a divorced mom of 3, living on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin for the last 15 years. She has over 20 years experience in Hotel Sales and Marketing, plus recently completed her degree in Health and Wellness Management.

Megan is snarky with a love for baseball caps. She also enjoys being active, especially outdoors, going to concerts with friends, and spending time with her kids. If eating nachos are included, that’s just a bonus. Much of her summers are spent on a lake in northern Minnesota with family.

Her true passion is writing about her life experiences in divorce, dating, raising 3 kids,
and learning to love yourself. She does not strive to be perfect, but just to be real.
Megan did not have many resources and support throughout her divorce, so she
believes that by sharing her experiences it will bring clarity and confidence to others.
She knows that life is messy so support and guidance will only help others succeed.
Megan has learned to live by this motto: keep it simple, keep it honest, keep it real,
keep it you.


Meghan is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise instructor, and avid organizer/planner.

She is the founder of HomeBodySoul, a lifestyle wellness brand for women. HomeBodySoul focuses on helping women design a life of total wellness and stewardship through the creation of systems for simplicity.

Meghan is a wife, mama, and a homebody. She loves being outdoors, sipping on green tea, and gathering friends and family around her table with fresh, whole food.

Follow along with her @homebodysoul on Facebook and Instagram.


Born & Raised in Miami Florida where she is a Celebrity & Bridal Makeup Artist.

Selena is founder & Lead Makeup Artist of ‘I Do Bridal Glam’, a Bridal focused hair & makeup team based in Miami. She has been killing it in the beauty industry for the past 8 years and counting. Paul Mitchell graduate, Head of Design Team & Student councils & Honors in Makeup (no big deal).

In her free time she cares for her plants, creates mood-boards, overdresses at gatherings and drinks lots of coffee with almond milk creamer, of course. ‘Live everyday like its Art Basel & do whatever it is that fills your soul‘, Is her mantra.

Selena does not leave the house without putting on her spf, lip balm & Le Labo santal 33.

Liz Fendley

Liz is a technical writer by day and a humor writer by night.  She lives in Minnesota with her two teenage daughters and their cats, Beau and Phoebe. 

When Liz is not reading, writing, or searching for new books to review, she can be found practicing yoga or enjoying time with friends and family — usually around a fireplace or a lake.

She is savoring the time that she still has with her daughters under her roof, yet she secretly dreams of being an empty nester who can travel more and not have to worry about other people borrowing her socks.

Sherri Frontino

Sherri has lived all over but has called Pittsburgh, PA home for the past 20 years.

In her “previous life” as she likes to call it, Sherri was a Certified Public Accountant.  After working several years in the Accounting industry, she became a mom and decided to stay at home with her children.  As her children grew older, she fell in love with Zumba fitness and became a licensed instructor.  She also earned her certifications as Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She is now currently studying for her Yoga Instructor Certification.

When not doing something fitness related Sherri enjoys working with the youth group at her church, serving as Treasurer for her daughter’s softball club, decorating, fashion, planning events, among other activities. One thing she enjoys most is traveling. In fact, her dream job would be to visit different resorts and cruise lines and do either written or live video reviews for future travelers.

Sherri is married and is a devoted mom to her three children whose ages range from 17-25.


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