Be Better In The Middle Of Your Grief

What on earth? How many tears can one body produce? How many boxes of tissues must you go through? And what’s up with the mad… sad… content… tears… misery… anger… denial… tears… happy….. anxiety… pissed off… acceptance and back to sad again? Welcome to the “Stages of GRIEF”.

Can you hear yourself.… “Really? Can’t I just go back to sleep and then it will all go away? What about a therapist, won’t that cure the crabbiness? I know, I know…. chocolate. That always makes me feel better? Waaaaaah.

You have good days and bad days. And the triggers come out of nowhere and at the most obscure times let alone when you’re not expecting it. And the rollercoaster ride of Grrrrrief seems to be going and going and going. When will it stop?

And not for nothing but…..

You want your life back the way it was. You want the to-do’s back in order and the schedule back on track. You really want a do-over. Why is going through the Stages of Grief so hard? Well it JUST IS. Seriously. Nobody wants to be the one left behind, nobody plans to lose a loved one, and nobody knows what its like until they experience it. Nobody can judge the length of time it takes you, nobody can heal your heart and nobody can wipe the tears to stop. Just you. If you trust God, like I do, turn to Him in your sadness and ask for healing. Do what you have to do and press on with joy in the sadness.

Maybe just maybe, when you’re on the other side of this, you can be a smile in someone else’s grief, share a hug, speak a kind word, offer a nice gesture. Do something to ease their pain because you remember how hard it was for you. But for now… a better you in the middle of your grief.


Your God Girl,

Tracy xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Be Better In The Middle Of Your Grief

  1. Kathy Kent

    Dealing with grief is very difficult, I lost my oldest daughter 2 yrs 8 mths ago and some days it feels like it was yesterday. I believe God has a purpose for all things, God blessed me with a 2nd Child after so many miscarriages 26 1/2 yrs after my first child. When I feel myself drifting to that dark place I pull myself back by holding on to the memories of my Daughter and knowing she would want me to LIVE and be HAPPY and not be on the darkness. There are times when I feel I am going to fall apart, like driving in the car and a song comes on or shopping in a store where we used to shop together or the aroma of a food she loved etc. but you pull yourself together not just for you, but for those around you. Thank you for this blog it is enlightening. I would say to tour your readers, remain prayerful and believe in Gods PROMISE! Peace and Love, KLK💚🦋


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