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Flying Solo

Are you flying solo?

Happily Single?  Reluctantly Single?  Angrily Single?  Which is it?

For so long I was sad that I was single.  But through the work I’ve done & am still doing on myself, through my many prayers with my bestie and through my ‘giving it up to God’, again, I’m able to sit peacefully in it.  I call it Flying Solo.  And I truly do believe it is temporary. 

Am I happy about it?  No.  BUT I’ve certainly learned to find peace in the middle of it.  Yes, I wish it were different.  Sure I miss having a companion to call on and go out with.  BUT I’m peacefully living my life as it is.  I do want to be married again some day or at least in a loving committed relationship, BUT I’m not miserable because of my singleness.  Like I used to be.  I don’t dwell on it or make myself feel less amazing because of it.  I’m a devoted friend, loving mom and I am creatively talented. 

I appreciate my time…taking care of me, going to the gym and spending quiet time before work with my coffee in one hand and my devotional in the other and dabble in my sewing room.  I schedule “Ladies Nights Out” once a month to get girlfriends together, I volunteer my time when I can and tinker in my yard on the weekends. 

Life is good flying solo.

I hope you realize that maybe it’s just not the season for you to be in a relationship.  Do your kids need your attention?  Does your health require your rigor? Does your latest goal need your discipline?  Whatever you’re going through, my hope is that you put your energy on YOU, take care of YOU, do much for YOU and know that when the season is new, when your heart is ready & your space allows. It will come. 

Till then stay available, vulnerable and humble.

And have fun!


Your God-girl


How to Eat Healthy On-The-Go

Eat healthy on the go…

Life can be busy. Our days can get away on us between work and school and errands and, and, and… How often do you find yourself in a pinch without a lunch or dinner plan and you are busy running from one thing to the next?? Perhaps you’ve been so diligent in your quest at eating healthy but then time gets away and you didn’t have time to plan and the next thing you know you are driving through Chick-Fil-A or sitting at a restaurant for dinner feeling like you should just throw up your hands and call it quits. 

Don’t call it quits just yet, my friend. Even in the hustle and bustle of life and the days that aren’t planned or don’t go as planned, we can still maintain healthy eating habits while on-the-go. Here’s how.

3 Ways to Maintain Healthy Eating On-The-Go

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Whether you are stressed or depressed or overwhelmed or tired, don’t let those emotions dictate your food choices. Easier said than done, I know, but this can be dangerous territory. When going through the drive thru in a pinch, let your decision be made through a clear mind, to the best of your ability. Choose foods that best align with your health goals. Thankfully, nowadays there are many more healthy options even at fast food restaurants. Always choose something that has protein, veggies, and the least amount of added carbohydrates/fat (i.e. dressings, condiments, etc.)

Use helpful apps to guide your decision making. There are several helpful apps out there to help you make the BEST, most healthy food decision you can if/when you have to eat out or go through the drive thru. My Fitness Pal is a helpful app to show you the calories, carbs, fat, protein of items. Most restaurants are on My Fitness Pal now, but if not, perhaps that restaurant has their nutritional info on their website/app. Cheat Day is another app that will help you find the healthiest options at over 700 restaurants, including many fast food and convenience restaurants. 

Create an SOS grab bag for your car. Having some healthy snacks on hand to grab quickly can be the difference to staying on track for the day or ending up in the McDonald’s drive thru at 2 PM. Keep some non-perishable snack items in your car in a little lunch bag. Think nuts, seeds, healthy trail mix, dried fruit, clementine’s/oranges, RX bars, Lara bar, Chomps meat sticks. These are all items that are great to have in a pinch that you can easily access and can prevent a hangry meltdown or a hangry decision you’ll later regret.


Meghan Meredith
HomeBodySoul, Founder
Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
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Make A Difference

I believe that we all want to make a difference. For some it’s having children that will help advance their lineage, for others it’s becoming well known in someway. I think we all want to look back at our lives and know that they were well lived. 

Trust me, you probably already have made a difference, but just don’t know it yet. You have helped out a friend in some way or said some thing that they will remember for the rest of their lives. I remember a number of years ago when a friend of mine told me that his life view changed one day when I captured a large spider that frightened my wife and took it outside to free it. I said it just wasn’t OK with me to kill something because it frighten me. He said that he no longer kills them either and helps him outside also. I remembered feeling happy to know that I have saved a number of innocent insects lives. Silly as that seems, it illustrates that we never know how, what we say or do will affect someone else.

One of my favorite authors is Jim Rohn. He has taught so many people how to live better lives through his inspirational stories. Even though he died in 2007 his website is still active and people, on his behalf, continue to generate regular content from his vast reserve of writings over many years. His teachings continue making a difference 12 years after his death. 

I was talking with a friend today and it was brought home for me that there really are many people who have incorporated my wife’s teachings into the work they do, keeping her work alive also. There are so many people who have been moved and re-structured by Toni, who honor her by sharing what she taught them. In the Jim Rohn fashion, I have continued sending a weekly letter she used to send to her clients. I want to make sure I do what I can to keep her messages alive just like Jim Rohn’s people have done.

Every day we have the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life, so let’s do it.


TWSM Movie Review ‘Peppermint’

TWSM Movie Review ‘Peppermint’

When someone hurts your child do you ever sit and just let your mind wander about the things you would like to do and/or say to the person or people or hurt them. You think “If I ever see them, I am going to give them a piece of my mind!”   Sometimes you may even be so angry you might think about how good it would feel to punch them since they felt entitled to take a swing at your own child.  As much as it may make us feel somewhat better to imagine these things, all in all it’s something we would never do. But oh, how good it is to imagine the feeling of doing it!  Mess with me but not my child.

Now imagine not only losing your only child but your spouse as well.  At the same time.  In a senseless act of violence.  I don’t even want to imagine that scenario.  Well meet Riley North (Jennifer Garner).  Riley loses her daughter and husband in a drive-by shooting while leaving a carnival in celebration of her daughter’s birthday.  She too is badly wounded, but not too wounded to climb out of her hospital bed and identify all three shooters.

Because of her positive identification of the three and their well-known involvement with a drug cartel, it almost seems like an open and shut case.  At least one would think.  Due to what seems to be corruption within the local government, the judge sets the three criminals free. The District Attorney doesn’t even argue.  This enrages Riley and she flies off the witness stand in court to attack the killers.  Before she can reach them, however, she is overpowered by the guards and put into an ambulance to be taken to the hospital psych ward.  Before they can close the doors, she has knocked the paramedic and policeman out with an oxygen tank and flees.  She runs and gets away.  In fact, she goes off the grid entirely.  It’s as if she’s disappeared from the face of the earth.

Five years later the three men who killed her family are found hanging from a Ferris wheel at the very carnival where the dreaded killings had taken place.  No one suspects it would ever be Riley.  Little did they know, she had reemerged as her own vigilante to pay back all those involved in the loss of her family.  No one, and I mean no one, has been forgotten in her mind.

It turns out she has been traveling the world under false identities.  She studied martial arts and learned combat maneuvers. She knew what she was doing upon her return. The police and FBI finally realize she is back once the people who were responsible for letting her family’s killers go free start dying in “unusual” ways.  Yes, Riley is back, and she means business.

This movie obviously is very violent.  In fact, it reaches a point where you might think enough is enough.  Ironically as tough as Riley has become both mentally and physically, she still has a soft and tender side to her especially when it comes to children.   She has become their protector of sorts at Skid Row, where she lives out of an old cargo van.  As far as she is concerned, the same thing will never happen to another child that happened to hers.   


Last Christmas: A Tale Of Hilarity and Woe

Last Christmas: A Tale Of Hilarity and Woe:

“I found this gem in my files and I thought I’d share…I realize its “Out of season”, but hopefully you find entertaining anyway!”….

“You’ll shoot your eye out”took on a whole new meaning for us last Christmas….’Cuz we did…shoot an eye out!

Well, sort of. It all started innocent enough. A few days before Christmas I wrapped and counted presents for each kid and had a sinking feeling it just wasn’t enough. The kids are grown, so there weren’t ANY toys…which REALLY bummed me out. So I headed out to poke around a store…any store…to see what I could find to fill the gluttonous Christmas void. And then it came to me, right there in the middle of the K-Mart toy aisle.

As I stood peering at the answer to my greed filled prayers, I fought the urge to offer the guy next to me with a Typhoid-like cough a cough drop and said an extra prayer he wouldn’t touch the glorious fruits of my desperate search for fulfillment….the last three of the exact same NERF gun, which happened to be how many I needed to make Christmas PERFECT.

My vision of a grand and playful NERF war in the front yard between the 3 children as I
watched lovingly from inside with a warm cup of cocoa was coming to life! Typhoid guy left, and they were mine!

Fast forward to Christmas day..the three children opened them up at the same time, delighted, and charged with a competitive energy that could only come with a plastic weapon filled with spongy bullets….but it was dinner time, and 2 out of 3 children had to leave for a few hours.

However, promises of a turf war were scheduled upon their return and soon enough they were back, they found the youngest boy completely distracted by his video games, and took the
opportunity for a sneak attack.

And that’s when it happened….with the door flung open to deliver the extra element of
surprise, the youngest boy looked up just in time to receive a foam bullet shot from the hip of the oldest boy, straight to his right eye!

I mean, the dude couldn’t have done it again if he tried, it was a helluva shot, really, but that little boy’s blue eye was red in an instant as he howled in pain. Mild panic ensued as we all gathered around the sobbing child trying to assess the severity of his brand new Christmas injury.

Deciding a trip to a clinic would be best, we hopped in the car with him and began our trek. But apparently, NO ONE gets hurt on Christmas, because every walk- in clinic within a 20 mile radius was closed. As we made circles trying to decide which direction to try next, the boy
announced that it wasn’t hurting as bad, and when we pulled over to reassess, it actually looked better, so we forewent the ER at the local ‘Park-N-Die’ and went home instead.

As of 10pm last night, his blue eye was a perfect blue again, and the pain had subsided. He wasn’t gonna go blind after all. Today, the NERF guns lay strewn about,barely used.

Sad, really.

My vision of a playful afternoon on the front lawn has died, but boy do we have a story to tell for years to come! If I ever see Typhoid guy again, I will give him 3 barely used NERF gun….for free…..


All In With A Winning Hand

Have you ever gone to Vegas and sat at a gambling table?  Or maybe you’ve played poker with some friends.  Have you ever trusted the hand that was dealt to you so much that  you went “All In” ?  Every last chip you had in front of you, you slid them into the middle of the table, knowing with all your heart & soul that you had a winning hand?

Your attitude was a little cocky, your eyes were a little squinted and your demeanor was a lot challenging.  But you trusted your gut!   And you knew that once you went “All In” you wouldn’t be able to change your mind.  You can’t say never mind & pull them back out.  You can’t beg for mercy or cry or throw the table over.  You sit with your decision.  And Hope.  And Trust.  

THAT is how we should feel about all our choices.  We should know with our deepest knowing.  Our GUT!  Trust with all the blood running through our veins.  Move ahead into what we said we’d do with the strongest of assurance and conviction.  The knowing from deep inside.  When our heart palpitates, our gut somersaults, our skin tingles.  Like that.

Not the flighty thoughts that meander around our brain on a whimsical day, but the thoughts and ideas we contemplate on, makes lists about and ask others a list of questions on.  Those ones.

Let the idea boil, then let it simmer and if you still feel convicted in your gut… at your place of truth… then it is yours to manifest.  It’s yours to go after.  Just like pushing your chips into the middle of the table.   With Hope. With Trust. Move forward with adventure and certainty.  Going “All In” with what you have in front of you knowing that your return will be tenfold.

And…as always, have fun doing it.



Your God girl,


Water Yourself

When you hear the word hydrate, what do you think of? How about your body and skin?  Most people are knowledgeable enough about the human body and know that the human body is composed of a high percentage of water. But, many people don’t realize the health benefits of hydration and the effect it has on your body and skin.

Drinking water everyday has many health benefits. It aids in digestion, it keeps your joints, organs, and tissues functioning, and also has amazing all natural benefits for your skin. Yes, your skin!  If your diet consists of strictly coffee, tea, soda’s or even juices, you are not giving your body and skin the hydration it needs. 

Without proper hydration your skin can look dull, it will be dry, and it can also promote larger pores and wrinkles. It’s amazing to see the changes in your skin over a very short period of time just by cutting out some of the unhealthy liquids and replacing it with good clean water. 

I myself was addicted to diet-Coke. I’m not gonna lie or sugar coat– diet “stroke” as my friend would say! As a single mom, working, going to school and raising two kids, I devoured diet-Coke in huge quantities on a daily basis. The caffeine was my fuel. The  bubbling sensation in my throat gave me tingles. I was definitely addicted to it. My morning drink was diet coke, not to mention the 4 cans I drank at work everyday and then, of course, I would go to bed with one on my night table.

Fortunately, while I attended college as an adult, I was assigned a project to quit one thing in your life. I had to do this over the course of a semester, and document my progress along the way and then at the end write a paper focused on addiction. I succeeded in deleting diet-Coke from my life, first by slowly weaning on to flavored seltzer water (for the bubbly’s) then switching over to regular water. 

The health benefits have astronomically changed my life. I’m no longer fueled by caffeine and my body and skin are glowing from being properly hydrated and not full of the garbage that soda is made from. People actually comment on how healthy my skin looks.

Take a peek online and do a little research and you will find many articles and advice about the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated. As with anything else body related, consult your doctor if you’re going to be making any sudden drastic changes, especially if you have health issues. But, most importantly water yourself and stay healthy, happy and glowing!



The Secret Know

The secret know…..the last few weeks I have really been thinking about what I want in a relationship. Maybe because for the first time in a long time, I’m kinda sorta in one.

It’s hard for me to let my guard down. Let someone in. Say this is my person.

I have mentioned this before I am afraid. I have let myself want things I didn’t think I could have, only to have them taken away.

Then I realize fear should not be my guide.

Caution sure. But fear. Then I’ll never move forward. I can’t use it as my shield to not be honest with myself or others. I think sometimes I do.

In fact I know I do.

It’s easier to walk away when you don’t let someone completely in. 

On the flip-side I think it has also made me settle.I have maybe looked the other way in certain situations out of fear.Both of committing and if I’m being honest. Being alone.

After my divorce I plunged headfirst into a relationship with an ex boyfriend. He moved back to our home state to be with me. I was overwhelmed by the gesture. Except he moved closer to his family, not me. We were together for a really long time and in that time he never tried to meet my daughter. One grand gesture can’t forgive that.

Yet for the longest time I let it. Among other things.

I casually started dating.  It felt like Lemony Snickett and a Series of Unfortunate Events.I think it was fifty percent me and fifty percent them.And to be honest … dating is hard. Dating after divorce. Harder. Dating divorced with children is even harder. Dating with children and you’re over a certain age – hardest. Then out of nowhere I reconnected with an old friend and here we are trying to figure it out.

Well ok, I am.

The balance.

How much do I let him in?

How much do I tell my daughter?

Do I tell my daughter?

How much do I ask for?

What can I ask for?

For some of you reading this you may be thinking what is the problem?


I was what you’d like to call a late bloomer.




I feel like I’m learning again and it’s terrifying and exciting.Secretly, I do kinda know what I want.

A partner in crime.

Who recognizes I have legitimately built my life around my daughter. So I want to let you in. It’s just scary. I have to think of her. Just have to.

I want the cheesy..

Not all of it but some.

I have never had it. Ever.

I have always been an afterthought even in my own marriage. 

I am kinda of over that. Not kinda. I am.

You know when you were a kid and you got picked last on a team? That is how it has been for me in my relationships. Maybe because I’m so independent I have accepted it as part of being independent. But there’s a line and I think I’ve let too many people cross it.

I said it last week and I will say it again.

To not be afraid.

To not be afraid to want things.

To ask for them.

To not be embarrassed or feel bad that I want them.

I keep thinking I tell my daughter to embrace who she is and lean into all the things that make her great. What would she think if she knew her Mom doesn’t know how to speak up for herself when she cares about someone?

A friend sent me a meme recently it was:

Friend: I need some advice. Me: eating a tube of cookie dough. “You’ve come to the right place.”

I have never identified with a meme more.I support and cheer-lead the people I love.Yet here I am a bit helpless. A lot clueless. Still scared.

I think I know what I want. Now this guarded girl needs to work on phase two.


Please pass the cookie dough on your way out…

Be safe

Much love Mommas


Katie Flynn

Smack dab in the middle…In the middle of 7 brothers & 3 sisters, in the middle of creating a beautiful & comfortable home, in the middle of a magnanimous ever-changing life, in the middle of ….what’s next.

Katie is doing it, making it happen, owning it, enjoying it, living it, being it, loving it, transforming it. Katie is the author of her amazing life with a million dollar view.

From her first class with Toni in 1989 at the Park Plaza with her firstborn in her arms, through all the Teacher Trainings, Workshops & Prosperity Courses into her most recent days of
Women’s Groups, …. Katie has embraced her 25 years of ‘the work’.

She’s married to Paul with 2 boys running around & one in the belly and they lived in a tiny half duplex with a tiny yard. They had a rough go at it, at first. They were Prosperity Teachers,
lead workshops, managed students, taught principles. They spoke about being more but were living small, they taught about risking yet were living it safe and they knew of abundance but
had no savings.

Katie knew this wasn’t IT.

They had a breakthrough conversation which was trajectory to their success, Paul went out to create a prosperous home on a prosperous piece of land for his family. He had no idea how he would do it, AND he said YES.

Paul found a piece of land for sale AND agreed to buy it. They had no money, no credit, no equity. He found someone to borrow money from AND promised to pay him back in a month. He subdivided the land to pay back his investor AND give him a lot of land. The best
part of this “Create Your Reality” breakthrough ….AND he built a house for his family.
Based on all the prosperity principles they’ve been teaching and using, they knew they could manifest what they wanted smack dab in the middle of not knowing how. They knew to move
forward with a vision and forthright wisdom that ‘Anything Is Possible’.

Katie knew “if they could manifest it once, they could do it again” All the Walls came down! She knew without a doubt….ANYTHING is POSSIBLE.

“I can have anything I want to create”, she repeated. Her life moved forward from there.

She has seen, created, manifested and unfolded beauty, friendships, deep conversations and true real moments that make up her daily life. The nature of the work she’s doing shows up as a miracle, there’s an ease and a prosperity in her life, but it’s because she’s doing the work.

It’s not magic, but in a way it is. It’s wonderful.

She had to step back from people who didn’t support her mindset, her thought patterns, her ‘abundant’ thinking, so that she could gain some perspective.

She now asks herself “Does this work for me?”, “Does this serve my life?” as she continues
to think outside the box and trust that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE as she makes choices for their success.

As a nurse, caring for others, comes easy. Maybe it’s from being the middle child where she learned to follow and learned to lead. Her passion for in-home health care with a strong
craving for hospice and home births is saddled up with her passion for reading.

Did someone say reading? Katie is obsessed with books. She loves to read autobiographies, real stories, true stuff. Historic fiction catches her heart as well as art, photography & painting.

“It’s funny,” she says. “I’m not even an artist….I’m the appreciator.”

Then there’s music, dance, play & fun. Oh AND the people in her life!

Her husband, her children, her friends. The people in her life matter most.

Oh but the reading.!! It fills her heart. The things she learns, spirit & mind, moving through adversity, becoming the best that she can be…. all of it…. found within the writings of so many great authors; Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Toni Stone, Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Su Monk Kidd and Mark Nepo.

She brought an inspirational book to work and sat it on the counter, where it’s creating conversation and a happy work environment.

“All work and no play makes for a very dull situation”, she says with a smile.

Katie’s smiles, hugs, visits and conversations are just a few ways she expresses her love.
Being WITH others makes a world of difference! She trusts LIFE no matter what it looks like. The good, the bad, the ugly.

LIFE is MESSY. It doesn’t frighten, deter, or scare her. Life evolves, evolution is always happening, things are always moving.

And for Katie, even when she’s in the mess in the middle, she reminds herself…

“Be Still & Know.”


Interviewed and Katie’s story was written by Tracy

What Puts The Wonder In The Woman?

What puts the “wonder” in the woman?

I had a bad dream on Saturday night—It woke me up at 6am on Sunday and I was so unsettled that I just got up.  In the dream Antonio was still little and my ex-husband had taken him for a visit, and I was freaking out because I was unable to reach them, and I was worried that he would not bring Antonio back.  I woke up remembering the times that I felt like that, which were infrequent because the ex was pretty much not around the kid’s whole life—that fact likely made me more concerned about trusting him when he did take the kid for a visit.  I had to remind myself that Antonio will be 20 in a few weeks and that he lives right down the street with his own phone and his own car etc.

When I settled myself with those facts, I started thinking about how nobody really helped me with raising him and then I thought about everything that I have been able to do for us—how I brought us from filing bankruptcy to where we are today—how he is going to be 20 soon which means that I have been at this parenting thing for two freaking DECADES.  Then I thought about how much I worried about shit that I couldn’t control, about how f—ing terrified I was most of the time, about how many times I cried after he went to bed or when he was at school because I was just so damn scared about everything.  I was on my own in TN for 12 years with him…his father visited once, my Mother visited never…that’s another whole story for another day…

Point is that I made it, I did it— we are OK, we were OK, I figured it out, I kept going, I keep going.  Now I worry less because I realize that it wastes my energy and when you worry you attract things to be worried about.  None of us need that kind of help.  Truly.  STOP worrying.  

These days I continue to practice what I teach you, vibe from a better, higher place, think the next best thought, elevate yourself on the daily.  Appreciate what you have, keep doing the next thing and then the next.

Do me a favor—stop once in awhile in the middle and think about how FAR you have come, I never do that.  I am trying to learn to do it more—mostly I just kept moving because I was afraid that if I stopped, I would not be able to pick myself back up—I did not give in to despair EVER because I imagined that if I did it would put me out and then who would take care of the kid…so for him I just kept doing the next thing.

I remember days that I was so afraid about money or something else that I could hardly breathe—so I would do the next thing and then say some affirmations or pick up a book that would help me direct my thoughts in a better way.

In case you ever wonder if I know what it feels like to be YOU, I DO.  It’s just that I am a bit further along and I created this work with The Working Single Mom brand to help you see that you can make it too—you can and you WILL.  No matter what is happening now, you will get through it—I did, I do and you will.

Let me help you see what it looks like to get on the other side of hell—I will keep sharing my stories and you keep doing the next thing and use the tools that I am teaching—those tools and those prosperity principles saved my life and they work if you work them.

What puts the “wonder” in Wonder Woman is you and the GRIT to keep going.


courage and resolve; strength of character

See you Saturday on Coffee Chat.

XO, Noelle