Apple’s Notes App Review

I confess I am a bit extreme when it comes to loading apps onto my digital devices. Currently, I have 215 apps on my iPad and its 387 on my iPhone. I am constantly downloading new applications that do something new or solve a problem. Admittedly , I have never used some of the apps I have on my devices, but that doesnt stop me in my search to streamlining my workflow.

Apple has the reputation of improving their own apps to incorporate innovations from third-party apps. The built-in notes app has been updated recently to include enough features for me to get rid of four or five third party apps I have on my devices. The obvious advantage to using apples software is the way it integrates across all devices.

I always thought of the notes app as a glorified stickeys app. But it has grown up quite a bit in recent years. Now its capable of scanning and marking up documents, importing photos and PDFs, creating to do lists, and more. You can create folders and/or files that are password-protected for security as well.

For instance, last month I opened a new savings account and needed to sign a document to complete the process. My banker emailed me the document, I brought it into notes on my iPad, signed it with my Apple Pencil and emailed it back to her, all in about 10 minutes. A year ago that same process would have taken me almost a half hour and the use of two separate apps on my iPad.

I am a long time user and fan of Evernote. I am not quite ready to move everything over to Notes, but it is looking likely in the near future. I am able to scan receipts, business cards, and documents. I can create a password-protected folder to keep a copy of my license, insurance information, passport, and credit cards for instant access rather than having to hunt through pockets and wallets and file folders. The search capabilities are also first class in Notes so you can effortlessly find anything you have stored anywhere.

One of my favorite features on my iPad is that I can simply tap my pencil on screen, even if it is in sleep mode, and it will immediately open up to a new note, so I can get going that much faster.

If you search on You Tube you will find a variety of tutorials that go into great detail about all of the Notes features.


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