So, I Am Single

So, I’m single and that matters…..why? 

I used to ask myself that, A LOT.  Why did it matter to me that I was single?  Was it the world who set the precedent that at some point in my life I should be married?  Or at least dating someone and be working toward a committed relationship?  Or did I truly, truly, way deep down long for a relationship?  That was a tough question for me to answer.

For the longest time I continuously prayed to be in a relationship. I thought there was something WRONG with me. Now, after how many years?…. I finally get it.  Oh,I still pray about it.  But I pray with fervent prayers, prayers of hope and joy and belief and excitement.  My prayers from yesteryears were full of tears and anguish and discouragement.  “Why God Why?”  I would ask over and over and over.  He must’ve wiped His brow every time I got out of bed knowing He was going to hear from me today with my tear streaked cheeks and pitiful tone.

Today, I’m different. 

Sure I would love to have a companion, BUT my life is pretty awesome as it is.  I spend my time with my son and my bestest girlfriends, I volunteer and do all the things I love to do that make me feel good about me.  I spend time in my yard, my garden, my sewing room.  I enjoy watching a movie, going for walks around the nearby park and having girlfriends over for Girls Nights.  I’ve changed my focus to being complete in me, right where I am.  And if God chooses to bless me with a mate, I’m eager to say hi at the sight of him.  

Til then.  It’s me and my singleness. 


Your God-girl


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2 thoughts on “So, I Am Single

  1. Chyna | MadeNewMama

    I love every bit of this post! I just did a love challenge in my Confident Christian Single Mom Facebook Group, and many responses were around what you talked about in this post. Love your change of perspective on your singleness. I will be sharing!


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