Am I Committed To Doing It My Way?

Am I committed to only doing it “my way”?…..Years ago in another life I was a general manager of a restaurant in southern Maine. I often joke that that’s how I learned to cook. When one of the chefs didn’t come to work I stepped in and took his place for the night. I described that experience as teaching me to be a line cook but not a chef. I also say what it taught me was be how to cook it from a recipe.

Tonight, I found it a rude awakening that that’s actually not true.

A few days ago good friend gifted me a blue apron meal. I was excited to give it a try. I said to myself that it should be easy because all I have to do is follow the recipe. In the end the meal worked out and it was quite delicious but what I noticed was I approached the recipe in the mindset of ‘I already know how this is going to go’. I started by quickly reading over the ingredients and the general  flow of how things were to be cooked. But that’s about the extent I followed the recipe. I would go back and refer to it, but I certainly did not follow it.

There were ingredients for a sauce to be poured over turkey meatballs as a glaze. But what I did was I add it to all of the vegetables that were to be stir fried. I said before that it was delicious and that’s still true, but I saw that I was arrogance in not the following the actual recipe step-by-step.

The reason this is an important observations from me is, I have to ask myself where else do I think I already know and stop listening or stop reading because of it.? Holding an attitude like this is actually far more dangerous than not knowing anything at all. I wonder how many other people do just what I do… I’m quite sure it’s quite a few.

I didn’t think I was like that and I’m sure anyone else acting the same probably does either. For instance at work do we actually listen to instructions or do we tune them out thinking we already know how perform the task. Are we able to surrender to someone else’s instructions. Do we do this sort of thing in our relationships? How strong is our desire to be right?

For me, I am grateful for this insight.


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