Always Choose The Sunshine

Always choose the sunshine…

Over the years my husband and I have often received long stares and dropping jaws. Why, you wonder? Well, when conversations start with “You have an army” or “Wow, you have a basketball team”, and so on, our response always happens to be “They are twins and triplets” and no one ever knows how to react.

The response is often followed by blank stares, pure shock and “how do you do it?”

How do we do it? 

It is simple, we live off faith, hope, love and lots of patience.

Five little lives, five strong willed personalities, five dinner requests, five million loads of laundry, five cars to buy some day, five cell phones bills in our near future, five college educations, well, you get the picture.

To many people this sounds like a disaster in the making, but the truth is, it’s a blessing. We have five arms to hug us multiplied by two, five lips for goodnight kisses, five sweet voices saying “I love you” each night, and Lord willing, five chances to have a positive impact on this ever-changing world. Five chances to raise kind, compassionate, determined individuals that will one day go out into this world, as strong, outstanding citizens. 

No matter the cards you are dealt in life when you find the sunshine, the positive, the opportunities and never fail to rise to the occasion, despite the circumstances, you will win every time. You will begin to find blessings in, what, at times, seems, impossible. I often remind myself on the hard days that “someone bigger than me has a plan”. There is a purpose to every circumstance, every challenge, and everything you face and when you begin to realize that purpose, it will leave you speechless. You are always enough, always strong, even when you feel the weakest, and always, when given the chance, take full advantage of the blessings that are right in front of you. It’s a choice each and every day to find the sunshine, even among the clouds and haze. 

Choose to find the light in the dark, never stop searching for the positive, and never,ever give up.


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