As The Alarm Clock Rings

Alarm clock is ringing…Seriously?  I just went to bed.  At least it feels like it.  So does that mean I slept like a rock and that I am ready to take on the day or does that mean I’m going to be exhausted come 3:00?

I find I’m talking to myself as the alarm clock continues to ring.  I hit the snooze button.  Justifying why 5 more minutes will serve me, and everyone I talk to today…. very well…. as a matter of fact.  Pulling the pillow closer, rolling into a most relaxing position and falling, falling, falling back to sleep for what feels like 30 seconds before the alarm clock rings again.

Okay – one more time.  Hit the snooze.  I already have my clothes picked out and my lunch made.  I can do this.  I tell myself as I nod off to sleep again thinking,  I must change the time between snoozes from 4 minutes to ten.  I smile and nod back to sleep.

I fall deep.  Deep into sleep and…… I OverSleep!?  WHAT?!  A 5 minute snooze turned into a 30 minute lapse of time. 


Like that.  Have you ever done that!?  Oh My Gosh, now I’m running around the house like a crazy person.  No time for my morning relax-time, read my devotional while I sip-my-coffee-time.  I’m putting my pants on while I pour my to-go mug full of coffee.  In between putting my lunch in my lunch bag, I run through my head all the things-to-do-in-the-morning to be sure I don’t forget anything! 

I head out the door lickity-split.

Was it worth it?  Was sleeping in for two snooze buttons worth this fast forward getterdun morning?  

I decide ‘NO’.  It’s not but it IS worth getting out of bed on the first alarm.  I love my relaxing mornings, getting ready while sipping my coffee and starting my day with a calm spirit.  

Make it great!


Your God girl


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