An Adult Time Out

An adult time out…

It is Sunday Afternoon no music but a homemade Boba Tea is my drink of choice. I’m seriously contemplating a nap.I am burrowed into one of my favorite leather chairs under a blanket.I don’t quite feel myself today and really think a short nap might be what I need.

When I was a new Mom the best advice I got was to nap when my daughter naps.To find those quiet moments.Now that she’s a teenager they are not as hard to find. I can say, I need to lay down. And USUALLY she’s cool with that. Unlike when she was a toddler and I would beg her to nap because I needed one. When she stopped napping – ooh that was rough.

When I was a young, new Mom especially when we were first on our own I felt so guilty for wanting those extra few minutes of rest.

Now I realize how important it is to find even just a few minutes to find my adult time out. 

As much as I’d like it to be a nap when you’re running the show, you’re living on borrowed time. So sometimes it’s tossing a few extra  minutes onto my shower. Singing loudly in my car on my drive into work.

Wearing my favorite outfit.

That time out, that moment of Zen doesn’t necessarily have to be time but rather that reminder… hey you ok?

You breathing?

Take your vitamins?

Drink some water?

Feed the dog?

It is ok and highly recommended that we Mommas find quiet moments for ourselves. Where that gets dicey is some of us feel guilty about that. Other people make us feel guilty about needing those moments.

Mom guilt is a thing and I have it. I lean into it. I let other people make me feel it. Mommas we could stop that.We gotta stop making other people feel Mom guilt and we gotta stop carrying it around.

The moral of this blog. Find your time out. I hope it’s more than being in the bathroom alone, but if it is.

Hooray that’s a start!

Be safe.

Much love Mommas

<3 Caprise

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