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Flying Solo

Are you flying solo? Happily Single?  Reluctantly Single?  Angrily Single?  Which is it? For so long I was sad that I was single.  But through the work I’ve done & am still doing on myself, through my many prayers with my bestie and through my ‘giving it up to God’, again, I’m able to sit peacefully in it.  I call it Flying Solo.  And I truly do believe it is temporary.  Am I happy about ...
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How to Eat Healthy On-The-Go

Eat healthy on the go... Life can be busy. Our days can get away on us between work and school and errands and, and, and… How often do you find yourself in a pinch without a lunch or dinner plan and you are busy running from one thing to the next?? Perhaps you’ve been so diligent in your quest at eating healthy but then time gets away and you didn’t have time to plan and ...
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Make A Difference

I believe that we all want to make a difference. For some it's having children that will help advance their lineage, for others it's becoming well known in someway. I think we all want to look back at our lives and know that they were well lived.  Trust me, you probably already have made a difference, but just don't know it yet. You have helped out a friend in some way or said some thing ...
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TWSM Movie Review ‘Peppermint’

TWSM Movie Review 'Peppermint' When someone hurts your child do you ever sit and just let your mind wander about the things you would like to do and/or say to the person or people or hurt them. You think “If I ever see them, I am going to give them a piece of my mind!”   Sometimes you may even be so angry you might think about how good it would feel to punch them ...
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Last Christmas: A Tale Of Hilarity and Woe

Last Christmas: A Tale Of Hilarity and Woe: "I found this gem in my files and I thought I'd share...I realize its "Out of season", but hopefully you find entertaining anyway!".... "You’ll shoot your eye out"took on a whole new meaning for us last Christmas....’Cuz we did…shoot an eye out! Well, sort of. It all started innocent enough. A few days before Christmas I wrapped and counted presents for each kid and had a sinking ...
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All In With A Winning Hand

Have you ever gone to Vegas and sat at a gambling table?  Or maybe you’ve played poker with some friends.  Have you ever trusted the hand that was dealt to you so much that  you went “All In” ?  Every last chip you had in front of you, you slid them into the middle of the table, knowing with all your heart & soul that you had a winning hand? Your attitude was a little ...
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Water Yourself

When you hear the word hydrate, what do you think of? How about your body and skin?  Most people are knowledgeable enough about the human body and know that the human body is composed of a high percentage of water. But, many people don’t realize the health benefits of hydration and the effect it has on your body and skin. Drinking water everyday has many health benefits. It aids in digestion, it keeps your joints, ...
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The Secret Know

The secret know.....the last few weeks I have really been thinking about what I want in a relationship. Maybe because for the first time in a long time, I’m kinda sorta in one. It’s hard for me to let my guard down. Let someone in. Say this is my person. I have mentioned this before I am afraid. I have let myself want things I didn’t think I could have, only to have them taken ...
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What Puts The Wonder In The Woman?

What puts the “wonder” in the woman? I had a bad dream on Saturday night—It woke me up at 6am on Sunday and I was so unsettled that I just got up.  In the dream Antonio was still little and my ex-husband had taken him for a visit, and I was freaking out because I was unable to reach them, and I was worried that he would not bring Antonio back.  I woke up remembering ...
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Caring For Your Body During Grief

This may not be the most glamorous topic to talk about but it’s an important one nonetheless and one I’ve personally walked through and experienced recently. I haven’t shared a lot with you about my personal life but I am going to share today because I feel it is important for you all to see and be able to relate to someone who has experienced grief and some of the ways I’ve learned how to ...
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12 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Robbie walker

    I’m glad to see ,some of us know that stuff ain’t free. Hard work is not a give me. You learn how to appreciate what you have worked your ass off for. I’m glad there’s a few good ones left.

  2. Sheila

    Your blog and Instagram posts make me remember that I am not alone in this journey as a single mom. Thank you!

  3. Heather

    Loved watching your Facebook coffee chat this morning (7-5-2020)! Just became a single mom to three wonderful kids! I have always been a push over with everyone and have always found it hard to tell people no! When I watched your live this morning it was eye opening!😊😊

  4. Fiona

    Ive just found this siteby accident. Im sick of being victimised and judged because i work a lot. Im so happy to find a place where i fit in. Thankyou


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