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Time To Be Unfiltered

It's time to be unfiltered…I have been sharing with you how it has been going now that I’m dating again. Welp! Here we are. My person and I actually had a rare day together. Between what’s going on in our world. Our jobs and me having a teenager our moments are few and far between.On my end, I read in a comment on my last post about mom guilt.  I carry some mom guilt if ...
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TWSM Beauty Tips ‘Facial Recognition’

Facial recognition....When you talk to someone face to face or via facetime, skype or through a zoom meeting, what is the first thing you notice? Is it their eyes? Their hair, or is it their skin? For me, I always seem to notice people’s skin. Skin is that outer layer of tissue on our body that guards everything inside. Let’s think about that, it guards everything inside our bodies. It’s our outer armour, right? Well, ...
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In Balance

Being in balance...I watched the movie “My Spy”, starring Dave Bautista, the other night and one scene came to mind as I was thinking about balance in my life. The Spy, a hulk of a guy, was on the playground teeter-totter and on the other side of it were 3 girls. Up and down they went. If there was just one girl, no way would she have been able to counter-balance him and enjoy the ...
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Unstoppable—Practicing Relentless JOY

Unstoppable- impossible to stop Relentless- constant, continuing.  Last Saturday on 'The Coffee Chat' show I told you to watch out for when ‘monkey mind’ started to try and sabotage your momentum…I warned you to stay vigilant and not let that stop you.  We talked about ‘doing the thing and getting the power’ –knocking out the stuff that you have been neglecting to finish or have put off.  Now I am going to remind you that ...
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Eat This Instead Of That:Healthy Food Swaps

Healthy food swaps can be difficult,transitioning your diet when you are working towards building healthier eating habits can be challenging. It can be overwhelming, confusing, and feel like you are drinking information from a fire hose. There is A LOT of information out there regarding trendy diets, healthy foods, what not to eat, etc. Let me just start by saying it doesn’t have to be difficult and confusing.  Today I want to share just a ...
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Do You See The Signs?

Do you see the signs? I have a friend who tragically lost his teenage son the week before my wife died. He's the kind of friend where phone calls never lasts for less than one hour. When we get on the phone we can talk about anything and everything and it's always a pleasure spending time with him. I spoke to him yesterday. We talked about his son and Toni and how we know they ...
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TWSM Craft-DIY-Decor “Magazine Magic”

When was the last time you sat and read a magazine? Maybe more recently in your down time during the pandemic? Or was it back in 2019, prior to the pandemic, while sitting in the doctors office  waiting patiently for your kids annual physical appointments. That glorious fifteen minutes of stolen free minutes of the day. I know you’ve had those moments…..thumbing through the glossy pages, envisioning yourself in that beautiful summer flowing dress with ...
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I Don’t Judge The Mom In Pajamas

I don't judge the mom in pajamas.... It's 7:45 am and I’m pulling up in the pickup line. Across the road comes a mom toting a baby and holding the hand of a 5-year-old. She is sporting tinker bell pajama pants and a winter coat. There was a time I would have judged this mother. Hard. A time before I had kids, before I experienced the never-ending exhaustion motherhood has to offer. A time when ...
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The Power Of Speaking Up

The power of speaking up..If you have been reading my posts the last few weeks I have been sharing my struggles with dating again. Almost all of it is because of communication and fear.Those two things I think are in a really healthy relationship actually and as such, they have definitely had an impact on mine. Through all of this I keep thinking what would I tell my daughter? What do I say to my ...
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TWSM Book Review ‘Breathing Lessons’

TWSM Book Review 'Breathing Lessons' by Anne Tyler For this review, I chose a Pulitzer Prize-winning contemporary classic, Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler. This novel is chock-full of lovable and quirky characters that Tyler brings to life with her incredible sense of detail, descriptions of family relationships, and perfect comedic timing.  Breathing Lessons was originally published in 1988, giving it the feel of stepping back into the retelling of a family story from that era ...
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12 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Robbie walker

    I’m glad to see ,some of us know that stuff ain’t free. Hard work is not a give me. You learn how to appreciate what you have worked your ass off for. I’m glad there’s a few good ones left.

  2. Sheila

    Your blog and Instagram posts make me remember that I am not alone in this journey as a single mom. Thank you!

  3. Heather

    Loved watching your Facebook coffee chat this morning (7-5-2020)! Just became a single mom to three wonderful kids! I have always been a push over with everyone and have always found it hard to tell people no! When I watched your live this morning it was eye opening!😊😊

  4. Fiona

    Ive just found this siteby accident. Im sick of being victimised and judged because i work a lot. Im so happy to find a place where i fit in. Thankyou


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