Adjust your Attitude…

Attitude is everything than adjusting our attitudes on a regular basis seems as necessary as putting gas in your car.  The car won’t run without gas and your life won’t work well with a crappy attitude.  Lord knows there seem to be plenty of reasons to be in a bad mood, I encounter at least 3 or 4 every hour:)  However, there are just as many reasons, if not MORE, to be in a good ...
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Time To Listen…

Webster’s defines listen as “to give ear to, to hear, to pay attention to, to give something consideration.” How many of us are actively listening to people, to GOD?  Or are we soooo busy with our own agendas and our electronic devices that we have forgotten the fine art of LISTENING??  Many things can happen in the silence of us listening, we can hear God’s will for us, we can hear people’s ideas, concerns and ...
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Take the HIGH Road

Taking the high road is easier said than done, taking the high road means that we have to give up our grievances about other people or situations and just do what works.  Our ego would rather us do otherwise, our ego would prefer that we fight and blame and create chaos instead of creating a solution…good thing we all understand that the ego is enemy of our higher self and listening to it will not ...
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Ranger UP!

Ranger up! What you have right now is a product of what you have spent your attention on in the past.  Whatever you give your attention to and whatever you speak is what you will manifest. Don’t be fooled into thinking that what you watch, read and talk about doesn’t matter--- IT DOES.  Your life will manifest itself as you lay it out in your thinking, speaking and acting. If you don’t like what you ...
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What It Really Takes to Lead

A lot of people want to be Leaders; they envision that being a Leader is important, filled with glory and has a lot of perks…perhaps they even think that being a Leader is where the ‘money’ is.  The truth?  Being a Leader, is in fact, more difficult than any other task. Being a good or great Leader?... that requires more work than most people can even fathom. In order to lead you must be able ...
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Making REAL Change is Like Picking Up Blueberries…one at a time…

An addiction is when you continue to let things damage you even though you know the destructive nature of what you are doing…Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Insane behavior supports an addiction or addictive behavior because it helps you tell yourself that things will turn out differently this time, it helps you mask the obvious and live in the hope that ‘this’ is different than ...
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Small Tweaks…

Perfection in life is a work in progress and really amounts to a series of small tweaks on a consistent basis—not an abundance of huge, earth shattering changes.  Sometimes we do ourselves a disservice when we try and make monumental changes all at once.  That’s a BIG job and when we fail we use it as an excuse to stay stuck and as an excuse not to change. I’m thinking that small tweaks are really ...
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12 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Robbie walker

    I’m glad to see ,some of us know that stuff ain’t free. Hard work is not a give me. You learn how to appreciate what you have worked your ass off for. I’m glad there’s a few good ones left.

  2. Sheila

    Your blog and Instagram posts make me remember that I am not alone in this journey as a single mom. Thank you!

  3. Heather

    Loved watching your Facebook coffee chat this morning (7-5-2020)! Just became a single mom to three wonderful kids! I have always been a push over with everyone and have always found it hard to tell people no! When I watched your live this morning it was eye opening!😊😊

  4. Fiona

    Ive just found this siteby accident. Im sick of being victimised and judged because i work a lot. Im so happy to find a place where i fit in. Thankyou


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