Staying In Touch

Now that we all know our job, first and foremost, is staying home and being safe, we need to find a way to stay in touch with our clients and customers. In these times, staying in touch should look a little bit different than normal. This isn’t the time to flood your contacts with marketing material  designed to sell products or services. hopefully your clients and customers already know about those. It’s a time to ...
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Codependent Turned Soul Dependent: My Honest Journey

Growing up, I didn’t receive a lot of validation.  Oh, I longed for it, but it was seldom given.  It turns out, invalidation is one of the most important ingredients to the recipe for being codependent. Codependency, in my case, rooted in my childhood from a few other things too.  Namely, a lack of nurturing, fear of parental anger toward each other and myself, emotional and “acceptable” physical abuse in the form of heavy-handed spankings ...
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TWSM Book Review ‘Heartburn’

Heartburn by Nora Ephron is a novel that I have wanted to read for ages and finally did. I have always thought of Ephron as the cool, funny aunt that I never had (no offense to my actual aunts who are lovely women). Heartburn is a great read, and the story behind the story is astounding.  Heartburn’s main character, Rachel, a successful cookbook writer, discovers seven months into her second pregnancy that her husband Mark ...
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Our Normal Routine Getting Flipped Upside Down

I am a routine person true and true… I do not handle abrupt change well so needless to say this last few weeks have been extremely hard.  I went into the week with everything planned and scheduled, by Friday everything was chaos.  No routine, no schedule, just a lot of unknowns.   Let’s start with my career, I work in hotel sales. Thursday, March 12th, is when it all started to unravel for us...  We were ...
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Home Sweet Home

"Home Sweet Home"....That’s a sign that many of us have hanging in our home somewhere. But, it might be taking on a different meaning after having been confined for a couple of weeks. It’s one thing to take a couple of weeks off like a stay-cation, compared to someone telling us that we have to sit and stay and continue to be productive at work from home.  Believe me, I know what it’s like. I ...
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Man Up

Do you want a Man’s Man?  A strong, get-it-done, rough & tumble kinda man?   Then you need to listen to what he says, & watch what he does.  Do those two things line up? When he says he’s going to pick you up at 8:00… does he pick you up at 8:00?   When he says it’ll be fun to go somewhere special, does he take you there? When he says he’ll make the plan ...
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‘Spies in Disguise’ Will Surprise You – And Keep the Kids Entertained

Many of us are making the interesting transition to being home with our children 24/7 in light of the current stay-at-home orders. If you’re like me, this has drastically changed what type of content you’re consuming on the daily. I was less than thrilled when my little one saw the “Spies in Disguise” movie pop up on our Vudu platform, which he promptly insisted on watching.  I agreed to watch the movie, "Spies In Disguise", ...
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Possibility Exists

A statement on my office wall reminds me—always– that you can accept the reality of a situation, however you are NEVER to accept its permanence…Possibility is NEVER absent. How many people even really understand what this means? It means that– yes, SHIT happens…however when it is happening it is not set in stone, when something doesn’t go your way or turn out the way you want, it doesn’t mean that your life sucks! It SIMPLY ...
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Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Weight

All I need to do is lose 5 lbs of weight, I am only drinking alcohol on weekends,  I am going to drink a glass of lemon water before each meal, I am only going to eat lettuce for lunch… yep, these are the things I would tell myself over and over again every Sunday Night for the last couple years.   About 6 years ago, I lost over 40lbs from a weight loss program.   ...
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Making Friends Mid-Life

I just moved to Fort Wayne 7 months ago and I have so many wonderful friends today!   I have so many new friends in my life because I said yes.  I said hello. I started a conversation. I smiled. I went to the meeting.  I joined the Study. I accepted the invitation. I went alone. I walked through the door.  You see…. I had decided before I moved here that I was going to make ...
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  1. Robbie walker

    I’m glad to see ,some of us know that stuff ain’t free. Hard work is not a give me. You learn how to appreciate what you have worked your ass off for. I’m glad there’s a few good ones left.


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