Daily Dose Of Happiness

Daily happiness tends to be about who you choose to surround yourself with in life and what you choose to look at on social media.These influence us and how we see the world.Echoing my fellow Blogger Ali’s post “Birds of A Feather ‘ we need to really empower ourselves in choosing who has this influence over us by carefully assessing them. Until recently I really hadn’t noticed how what I read on social media actually ...
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A Little Time

The closer I get to five decades the more I find myself appreciating not flowers, candy and fancy restaurants but when someone gives me their time. I’ve noticed lately when someone takes a few minutes out of their day to connect with me, it means so much more than a dozen roses ever could. Don’t get me wrong I still appreciate big gestures. They’re just not nearly as important. What’s important is someone taking the ...
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Who Is Your Idol?

When growing up, each of us have these moments where we admire certain people, an idol. We will have these “role models” that usually represent something important for us. Over the years, these role models always end up changing. As we grow, we have different interests, and different ideas about who we want to be. These role models almost always begin to become more of a temporary thing once these ideas start to change. When ...
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No Need To Defend Yourself

If you’re on a mission to be a better mom, you may already know a lot about transforming your thoughts, changing your mindset and healing the broken parts.  But did you also know that when you are full up in love with YOU, there is never a need to defend yourself? Yup!  That’s right. Sit with that thought for a minute. Then think about the places in you, where you currently defend yourself.  Think about ...
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The Day That Will Never Be The Same

There used to be a certain day in my life that was even more important to me than my Birthday. I might even go as far as to rank it higher than Christmas. It was a day that I gave myself in front of God, our closest friends and family to the man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. When that day came around once a year it was ...
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Leave Your Critical Self Behind

Joel Osteen says, “If you don’t have something good to say….ZIP IT!” and that is good advice because have you noticed how critical we have become?  It seems like we are always complaining about something and finding fault with something else…complaining, judging, evaluating and finding fault have become as commonplace as brushing our teeth.  It starts first thing in the morning…the coffee line is too long, our kids are too slow, there is too much ...
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My Small Business Is My Baby Too

Owning a small business is HARD. Pouring your heart and soul in to something on the hope that one day you will realize your vision is exhausting. Being a single mom is HARD. Waking up in the night alone for months on end through breast feeding, teething, leaps and growth spurts is exhausting. Doing both? Can I just say that I am tired. Like, a tired that I feel so deeply inside of my bones ...
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You Can Go Your Own Way

You Can Go Your Own Way Every week when I get ready to write these I look for inspiration. I will be honest I can get serious writers block sometimes.  I want to make sure what I’m writing about doesn’t overlap with what one of the other contributors has  written about.  I am realizing we all have very unique voices, so that really shouldn’t be a worry. This week my inspiration came from three places: ...
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Those Hurtful Little Comments

Those little comments..they truly do hurt. Bullying is something that presents itself in every child’s life at one point or another. Sometimes it’s the unfortunate event of being bullied by someone, or it’s the event in which you have the option of bullying another person. The question becomes, “What is bullying?” and “How does it present itself?”. One automatically imagines the scene of this big kid picking on a helpless little boy by the lockers ...
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Confessions In A Communal Mirror

I put my makeup on at work today in front of the mirror Standing in a public bathroom in unflattering lighting. Annoyed looks from the younger women. Sympathetic looks from the older. I want to tell the youths that I’ve been up since five thirty. This morning I checked my emails for fires, then roused two children and corralled them to school. That I had to issue 20+ reminders to my ADHD son to keep him ...
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  1. Robbie walker

    I’m glad to see ,some of us know that stuff ain’t free. Hard work is not a give me. You learn how to appreciate what you have worked your ass off for. I’m glad there’s a few good ones left.


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