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Principles & Priorities-Making Time

Principles & Priorities

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I don’t have time…”

I’ve said it, you’ve said it too. Let’s be honest – when something is not a priority we escape it by blaming “time” as the culprit. Time has nothing to do with it, as well as money (another blog).

We don’t have to “make time” for a priority, we take action!

What we consider a priority is the fundamental question?

Don’t “have time” to workout, really? Let’s look deeper…

Try this simple eye-opener exercise to learn what your true priorities are:


Take the following statement, in regards to anything, such as a workout,


“I don’t have time” and replace it with:

“It’s not important to me”


How does this statement change your point of view?

Does that change the way you respond to something, or someone?


Time is not something you or I have, at best it’s a measure of your priorities verses your distractions.

Is it important to you? Just be honest with yourself, your health, fitness, income, and peace absolutely depend on it…

-Carter Hayes–Unleash the Champion Coaching