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The Inevitable Dreaded Snow Day

A Snow Day is something I think everyone can say they look forward to, until it becomes Snow DAYS!

The kids have driven you bat shit crazy with their boredom and because of their boredom they have also eaten two weeks worth of groceries and dirtied dishes to go along with it….garbage…crumbs…you get the point. Do your homework, chores, etc…only fills so much time at my house and honestly the amount of pent up energy is ridiculous that my youngest can’t even sleep good at night. And the last few snow days we have had it has been so cold that going outside for even just a bit is NOT an option.

I came across this article while searching for unique things to do with the kiddos that would help occupy their time and mine,and allow me to work and get some things done around the house, my 15 year old had some fun with a few of the ideas. Some of the items we had in the house, a lot we didn’t. But since the winter around here is in full force I have made a list of things to get for the inevitable dreaded snow DAYS. The great thing is most of the needed items I can purchase at the $1 Tree. Slime seems to be pretty popular at my house currently and as much as I despise the thought of it, it has worked wonders for my 7 year old. She can play with that stuff for hours. Just be sure that you are using the “safe” alternatives/recipes.

Hope this helps some of you and please feel  free to share any ideas you have to help us get through those snow days!


Love to All-Kim