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Influenza Or Something Else….

There has been A LOT of discussion, warnings, and talks about this winter’s spout with Influenza. Unfortunately, I have seen many deaths on the news, attributed to the influenza and that scares the BEEJEZUZ! outta me, I cannot even imagine.

I was sick last week and ended up having sinus infection and started a round of antibiotics, something which I don’t really like to do until absolutely necessary, it was necessary. Sunday-Tuesday morning we brought in a blizzard, and I was down again with a fever, chills, headache, etc on Monday night. I was fairly paranoid most of Monday night and through the night and then remembered an article I had shared on Facebook to help distinguish the difference between the Flu or the common cold. We don’t like to bum rush the Dr.’s for every little sniffle, ache, pain….but that flu is SERIOUS. My children go to public school and many of the public schools around us have been shut down for a few days, cancelled sporting events, and so on.

I am going to post the article, I found it a great personal help as to what was going on with me. My son is home sick today and I will watch over him the next few hours to see if he becomes worse in a fast way. My brother tested positive for Influenza yesterday, he said it came on so fast he couldn’t believe it, within an hour he went from running errands to needing to go lay down NOW!

Use the article as a reference, look for the red flags but don’t question your gut feeling!

How many days till Spring?!?

Love to All-Kim