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Winter Blues

The winter blues have got a hold of me already…I live in the midwest and it’s been real cold for about 10 days now. Below zero most days, although on Thursday it was a heat wave of 20 degrees. Sunday night in to Monday is suppose to be anywhere from -30 to -40. BLAH! We got about 3 inches of snow yesterday on top of the 2 we already had and are expected to receive another 1-2 today. None of it showed as a “White Christmas”.  I can appreciate that the fresh snow is pretty for about 2 minutes and then after that, it’s nothing but a pile of misery to me.

I have lived here for 40+ years and every year I am still pissed off at Ole Man Winter.  I am not fond of sledding, or even going out in the cold for anything! My kids love to sled with my husband but I completely dread the soggy, wet, dirty, mess it brings inside. I have the winter blues! I have heard the term “seasonal depression” tossed around over the last few years, and it is COMPLETELY me! Days are short, nights are long and cold and that just stinks!

3 more months! There is light at the end of the tunnel….thawing, sun, flip flops, spring!

Love to All-Kim