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Self-care is one of the most important things on my daily “to-do” list.  I rush around every day preparing breakfast, packing lunches, ensuring there are after school snacks in the house, checking homework, running kids to practices, making supper, shooing them into the shower, chasing them to brush their teeth and making sure they both have something clean AND wrinkle free to wear the next day. Be sure to insert 9+ hours of work and 2+ hours of housework into that timeline.  THIS is my daily routine with the exception of ONE thing.  Although that small thing may only last 5-10 minutes each day-it keeps me grounded and stress and anxiety at a minimum.  The days I have slacked (and there are very few) on self care aka “Me Time” is more than noticeable to those around me, in my performance, my attitude and with my children.

Depending on the season, my mood, my finances…my daily self-care ritual is always changing.  It doesn’t have to be expensive to get some quality “Me Time” but if given the opportunity to spend some money on yourself, please don’t hesitate. I used to fight with myself on spending a few dollars on getting my nails done, or on that mascara I have wanted for months, those leggings that are my favorite color and would go great with the top that I already have.  I then decided there was no point in the guilt of occasionally purchasing something for myself when my children have all their needs met and some of their wants, the bills are paid, some money in savings etc. Those $15 leggings end up being worth their weight in gold due to the way they make me feel!

In the real world most of us don’t have the opportunity very often to spend that extra $15 so I have found ways to self care on a budget that work just as well and maybe better.

*Reading 10 minutes of the book you’ve been wanting to start.

*Favorite cream in my cup of coffee.

*Writing myself a “love” note and sticking it on my mirror.

*Making sure I too have fresh and wrinkle free clothes in the morning.

*Waking up earlier than the rest of the house and drinking my COFFEE in quiet.

*Picking Lilacs from our bush and giving some to the neighbor or a friend.

*Listening to really loud music in the car on your way to work.

*Painting my fingernails/toenails a funky color.

*Homemade facial mask.  See some of my favorites here.

*Applying my make-up in a new way.

*Go for a walk

*Youtube Zumba workout

Honestly, they all seem like simple things and they really are but when it comes to your mental and physical health-that is something you just can’t put a price on.

I would love to hear some of your ideas on self-care, I am always looking for ways to improve mine.  You can comment here or email me

***PSA from Noelle

In order to populate the blog daily with new content my Staff will be joining me in writing blog posts each week, Kim (VP of Special Projects) and Kirsten (Director of Operations) will be sharing their insights and words of wisdom with you as well.  These are people dear to my heart and I trust that what they share with you will be useful and insightful.  We will label the blog posts from now on with the author so that you are clear on WHO wrote WHAT.  Thanks.  – Noelle

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