Anything is possible with the correct tools and an understanding of HOW to use them. Good Fortune is something that can be created in your life by understanding certain universal success principles and actively using them to change your thoughts and behaviors. Success and Good Fortune come to those who WORK for them, this isn’t a class that promises you a magic solution to your life—this IS a class that will show you exactly HOW to manifest the life that you want. It IS very true that you can design the life you want, IF you are WILLING TO DO THE WORK. No amount of positive thinking is a substitute for moving your feet. In this class you will gain a working understanding of 7 ways that you can immediately begin to shift the circumstances of your life.

This is a 4 hour intensive class that outlines steps to change your future.
YOU have the power to alter your life.

This is a class for people that are ready to get to work on having the life that they want, there is no substitute for doing the work to have the outcomes that you want…if you are looking for a magic, easy, quick fix this is NOT for you…I am going to give you tools and expect that you will use them. If you are looking for the easy way out, Staples has a button for that…

You will walk away from our time together with clear instructions on how to use the tools that we will discuss to improve your life.

7 Ways to Create Good Fortune

Sept. 30th, 2017
11am to 3pm

IHG® | Holiday Inn Boston-Dedham Hotel and Conference Center
55 Ariadne Road, Dedham, MA 02026

$99 includes materials and coffee service

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