Bringing The Christmas Cheer

We have spent the last few days with some serious moments of ups and downs. Because our kids don’t entirely grasp what is happening to their uncle right now it doesn’t seem to be upsetting them quite as much. That’s the thing about illness and death, I think mortality seems much more real and alarming as you age.

We are trying to pull ourselves together and bring in the Christmas cheer. There isn’t much we can do for him except pray so worrying is only making both of our anxiety worse. We have the elf at our house…his name is George. Honestly-4 years ago when I introduced him to our traditions-I did not realize what a PAIN in the ASS he was going to be. Problem being, my 7 year old asks about him throughout the whole year and wonders what he is up to-or he would just disappear. Lesson learned on that one-there will be NO elf for the grandchildren. We went and cut down our tree and have put up the indoor decorations. And this morning my daughter got to open the first door on the advent calendar! This weekend we will put out the outdoor decorations and being baking, wrapping gift and some light shopping. I do most of my shopping online now but still want to bring money to small local businesses so I do a few days of old school shopping 🙂 It is forecasted to bring snow next week and our youngest has her school Christmas program on Monday and church pageant next Sunday.

That’s the thing about “adulting”. Life doesn’t stop even in the worst moments, everything keeps going and turning. We can either fight it or do what we NEED to do to enjoy it. I don’t want to get out of bed on most days as of lately-but I am strong and I do what I need to do. Each and every one of you are strong too!


Love to All-Kim

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