Chivalry Is NOT Dead…

Chivalry is alive and well and living in Boston.  I am quite sure that it is living in some other places too:)

We have had so many FB conversations about the perils of dating and about the pathetic men out there attempting to date you guys, so I wanted to give voice to the fact that exceptional men, do in fact, still exist.  Several of them happen to be very good friends of mine as a matter of fact.

A few weeks ago I went out to dinner with someone very dear to me and although I have known and loved him since I was 23, we had never actually been out on a date alone together.  So off we went to dinner and I was amazed at his impeccable manners.  He held doors, guided me into the restaurant, handled the reservations, pulled out my chair, helped me with my coat, stood when I returned from the bathroom, paid the bill, saw me safely to my car etc.

I was raised OLD SCHOOL by Old School Italians and these things I mention were just the way that things were done, then I grew up and started dating and I learned that these Old School manners were often long forgotten.  I had gotten so used to men just not acting like real men, that I was really, really appreciative of this gentleman’s manners.

Driving back to my hotel I thought about all of the stories that I have been receiving from you ladies about how men behave themselves on dates these days as compared to what I had just witnessed!  Like night and day–truly.

So I am here to happily report to you that Chivalry is not dead, it is alive and well and it is worth waiting for.  Going on this date reminded me of what it is supposed to be like, how adults should conduct themselves.  It also reminded me of how wonderful it is to be in the company of someone that has excellent manners and social skills.  This was already one of my most favorite people on the planet and now he is even more so.  His behavior gives me hope for humanity as a whole—if he is out there, then there are others and chivalry LIVES!!!

Do me a favor—STOP settling, stop pretending that it is OK to date sub-par humans…start realizing what YOU are WORTH and start expecting to be treated well…and when someone doesn’t measure up—WALK away.  Period.

If you stop putting up with poor manners and behavior then people will be forced to change in order to be in your company and you are so worth that!

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