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Development Within Your Character & Personality

“The first thing each morning & the last thing each night, suggest to yourself specific ideas that you wish to embody in your character and personality. Address such suggestions to yourself, silently or aloud, until they are deeply impressed upon your mind”

-Grenville Kleiser

A little food for thought this morning…..

Love To All-Kim

Resolutions & Goals, How Do We Get There?

A few days ago I blogged about not having the pressure of referring to my goals as “New Year Resolutions”…just something I do for myself….but I know that everyone sets some goals or resolutions this time of year for improvement within themselves and their lives.

Here are a few of mine:

1.Weight loss(and yes this is a cliche goal)

2.Family Vacation

3.Full-Time Business Owner(I sit at about half time now)

These are just a few and I have some mini goals that I will do to get to the final destination. I would like to know some of yours, if you are willing to share and not sure how to go about accomplishing them, maybe we can help each other?

Remember-you don’t have to change the world over night! You the S.M.A.R.T process:







Love to All-Kim




Lessons Learned As 2017 Comes To An End

I have taken many lessons away from the last year. I noticed that Noelle has done a blog post the other day also talking about 2017-it is an entire year-365 days and there is so much to be said. Good, bad, blessings,…..and the lessons. The things I have learned.

My mother wasn’t lying when she told me many years ago that once you reach her age the years “fly by”…that is a lesson that has definitely come to light this past year. I cannot believe how fast this year-and looking back-probably the last few years-seem to just have “flown” by. As I have begun to realize this, I have taken the time to enjoy the smaller things-the little moments, the things that aren’t huge but are huge to my family. First tooth lost, learning to read, moving in to her first apartment, getting his school permit. SLOW DOWN. Those things happen to people daily but not to YOUR people, you WON’T get those moments, minutes back. ENJOY THEM!

Things are way different than when I was growing up. Everyone is so busy all the time. Kids start activities much younger and are constantly on the go. Sports, dance, cheer, theater, 4-H, all those things start by the time they are in the 1st grade. I don’t remember any of that stuff starting until at least middle school or maybe my mom just didn’t allow me to join these things until then. Obviously our children are all different ages and in different periods in their lives..they are spread out(7, 15, 20) and that too causes some of the chaos. We use to sit at the table every night for dinner-it’s been a bit since we have all been able to sit at the table at the same time. We just never seem to slow down! So as referred to above-we have made it a rule to have a SLOW DOWN day at least once a month-we would like to be able to do more, but we figured one was better than none and it’s a start. Lesson learned, make the time to take a break! It’s ok and it’s well deserved.

Probably the biggest lesson I have to take away from this year is that things can change in an instant. Health, finances, job. The truth of the matter is I can always make more money somewhere, somehow if needed..I can always find a new job somewhere, somehow if needed. But in an instant your health can change, some of that you can control(weight, blood pressure, etc…) some of that you have no control over. Don’t take your health for granted, don’t take your loved ones for granted…all that can change!


What are the biggest lessons you have taken away from 2017?


Love to All-Kim


For The Love of Movies

With the “Writing Challenge” I am up to the one where I am to post 5 movies that I never tire of watching. This is a pretty tough one-we spend a lot of time watching movies during the winter. Our local public library has an AWESOME selection of new releases, and the best part is they are FREE to rent. As with anything, depending who’s turn it is to pick or who will be watching with us(kids), I have a pretty flavorful selection of favorite movies. But through and through I never tire of these 5:

  1. Miracle on 34th Street
  2. Dirty Dancing
  3. Grease
  4. Titanic
  5. Up

I could possible be a romantic based on looking through my Miracle on 34th, Titanic and Up always cause tears. And another favorite of mine is The Notebook.

I sound old and crabby but honestly I just don’t think movies are as good as they use to be. Once in awhile we will rent a new movie and it will be home run but I find it harder and harder to find movies that just really trip my trigger like they use to.

It is one of our favorite past-times at our house, along with board games and camping. Nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with some popcorn and movies!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and took the time to appreciate all the things you have to be thankful for.

Love to All-Kim

Giving Thanks For My Blessings


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone will be enjoying their day at home with loved ones. I want to give thanks for my many blessings.

I am typing this the night before and am watching the minutes click by and see that I still have 3 more pies to go! I have been cooking, baking and cleaning since Tuesday.  A few years ago my husband and I decided we were done running from house to house on the holidays and made the choice to start hosting. We would love to have everyone come but are in no way offended if they don’t want to or can’t. We get it, we really do. The hustle and bustle leaves no time to relax and before you know it-it’s over. Hence the decision to start hosting. I don’t mind all the cooking involved, quite frankly it’s one of the better things I do 🙂 I have 3 siblings and many nieces and nephews, my husband has 6 siblings, also with many nieces and nephews. So it can get pretty crazy and wild and on occasion there is some drama. I wouldn’t change a bit of it for anything. I look forward to looking around our home and seeing how the kids have changed and watching them grow. Reminiscing about our “younger” years and hearing about the shenanigans of my husband and his siblings.

At some point one of us girls will pull out the Black Friday ads to pick out all the things we want to get- knowing all along in the back of our minds we will never make it to the sales due to the food coma.  Out of all the years we’ve done this, we have gone ONCE …lol. We will watch football games, and take naps. Someone will bust out a few board games and we will play them for hours. If it’s nice enough outside the kids will go to the park or play a game of football in the yard. Suppertime will come around and we will reheat leftovers and fill ourselves again.

I am thankful, I am blessed.

Love to All-Kim



Excitement In All Forms

Excitement comes in all sizes, shapes, styles and kinds… just like presents. Sometimes when I am excited about something I also feel relief and on occasion it comes with anxiety for me.

My dad finally agreed to come to our house for a few days.  That was 2 weeks ago-I was super excited to see him and hopeful for the future and maybe the possibility of him being back in my life. It happened pretty fast, his decision to come, and I didn’t have much time leading up to him arriving to dwell over whether it was a good thing, bad thing, the right thing or the wrong thing. It takes about an hour to get to his house, the morning I went to go pick him up, I went alone and that hour was NUTS-back and forth between excitement, anxiety, and fear. I am pretty sure I talked myself out of turning around at least half a dozen times.  But I pushed through, picked him up and brought him back to our home. It was a weird 3.5 days. I can’t say it was the best 3 days I have ever had, although one would like to think after over 2+years of not seeing your father it would be the greatest reunion ever. It didn’t quite happen like that-there were moments where I was pissed at him and his actions while in our home but I chose not to cause a disagreement. There were moments where I wanted him to be back at his home. Moments of sadness looking at this man and not really knowing who he was and wondering if I want to know him. I also felt pity. He is nothing of who he use to be and after this I have understood and accepted that, FINALLY.

It was pretty low-key, we did very little except hang around the house with the kids and eat. My kids were excited, and seemed to have enjoyed the time they spent with Grandpa. My older two know more of what Grandpa goes through with his addiction(s) and mental illness, my youngest knows none of it.

My excitement of this visit comes from anticipating that maybe this time he has hit his rock bottom and not excited that he had to hit the bottom but excited that maybe he finally realizes what he is losing/lost.

MAYBE-there is always that maybe-I’ve said maybe a million times over with the rock bottom. And for those of you who understand-you can relate to the excitement with the anxiety.

Love to All-Kim

Stress Of The Holiday Season

Quite frankly the last ten days or so have just sucked. I am not feeling it. By not feeling it, I am referring to much of anything. Just Blah-I don’t know if it’s the daylight savings time and the weather change or just the combination of a bunch of things. I have been trying to get out of my “funk” and have been failing at doing so. Yesterday my blog was to write about blessings, which I have many. So honestly, I need to get it together and get over the whining. I am sure you have all said this to yourself a few times and it’s way easier said/thought than done on occasions. I am having an occasion 🙂 Some personal stress, work stress, haven’t been feeling well, and the kids’ schedules are just so darn crazy that there never seems to be a slow down moment.  All of these things are certainly blessings and are nothing major that cannot be fixed. I am thankful to have all the things that are causing me stress.  And if I think back it seems the Holidays are ALWAYS like this for us. As we start to approach the Holidays, I can see it all unfolding again and setting up to be the same.  I cannot say that it’s all based on that as the next few weeks are my favorite time of the year! Today though, I feel like the season is contributing to how I feel.  Today I am wallowing in self pity and probably shouldn’t be leaving a blog 🙂 Today, I need your help!

I am curious as to some of the ideas and things you do to help tone down the stress of the Holiday season?


Love to All-Kim

The Price Of Wisdom

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word wisdom as-

1. a :accumulated philosophical or scientific learning :knowledge
    b :ability to discern inner qualities and relationships : insight
    c :good sense: judgement
    d :generally accepted belief
2. wise attitude, belief, or course of action
3.  the teachings of the ancient wise men
From what I have learned, wisdom, does not come easy. I don’t consider myself a know all in everything worldly. When I offer advice to friends, it’s just that-advice, and opinion. My experiences are not their experiences. I can only hope that what I am saying is helping in some way and at the very least I am someone to listen.
Wisdom for me has come with a lot of sacrifices. Sacrifices that I am good with having given.
Experiences that haven’t always been the greatest, but at the back end of those experiences have come some of the best people, memories and moments of my life. That would be the wisdom I would offer to you-everything you go through and have gone through there is a silver lining. A lesson, an experience. You have gained something through those experiences…wisdom, judgement, knowledge, insight. You have taken those moments, and experiences and shared them with others in hopes that you are helping at least one person. You teach your children in hopes that they will listen and make choices based on your wisdom and life experiences. You take what you have learned and apply it to the rest of your life.

Perfectly, IMPERFECT…

Perfectly, Imperfect….We all have days that don’t go as planned, days that we had all planned out in our minds with a million things to do and then BAM—everything goes to shit in seconds.  It is on those days that we are truly tested, do we fall to pieces and let the day be ruined or do we RISE to the occasion and starting improvising??

Yesterday and today have been like that for me, I had TO DO LISTS, I had a PLAN and then I woke up with this seeming cold and my son’s car was making a noise that required investigation, phone calls and then a trip to the dealership to be fixed.  This cold nonsense turned my TO DO List to shit yesterday and today I have just been trying to play catch-up plus deal with normal Monday morning stuff.  This morning I made a decision that I was just going to go with the flow and do the best I could to get accomplished what was imperative.  Got the kids car fixed, got to the bank, got to the post office, had calls with clients etc—NONE of it occurred in the order that I wanted it to, NONE of the house stuff that needed to be done got done…it kind of looks like a HERD of elephants ran all through the house throwing things…oh well…

Some days are like this, they are perfectly imperfect and you can either resist that process and live the day completely pissed off and stressed out OR you can simply accept that it is OK to deviate from the plan, it’s OK to falter and fail at your mission…the world will not end if all the laundry doesn’t get done, or your desk doesn’t get cleaned or the boxes from amazon are still unpacked in the front hall…it’s OK not to be perfect.  It’s ok to feel screwed up, to feel a mess, to feel like nothing is getting done.  ALL of these feelings are part of the process of living a REAL life, we have to accept the perfect days as well as the perfectly –imperfect ones.  Our true light shines through the cracked places—it is OK and you are making it work, so stop judging yourself and embrace the day however it is.

Winning Your Way To My Heart

Winning the way to my heart is not simple and some days I feel guilty for how difficult I can be. But yet, it’s my choice and I don’t feel anything that is winning my heart is asking too much, it is my heart, afterall.

Trust-I have trust issues. They go back to my youth, and my first marriage. I HAVE, have to trust you. Whether it be in a romantic relationship, or any relationship. As the saying goes..words are nice but actions prove so much more. Unfortunately, I don’t start out trusting someone. I start out not trusting and have to be proven to that I can trust you. I question every thing, repeatedly,  until I feel confident. Most would say I go overboard with my trust issues. It’s who I am.

My Children-I need someone who is going to be a role model to my children. I am ok with them being their friend but they still need to be the adult in all situations. They must treat them as their own and love them unconditionally. Let’s be honest..children can be a pain in the ass and test every bit of patience you have. If you can win the love and respect of my children-YOU ARE IN!

Honesty-I cannot handle being lied to about ANYTHING! Honesty and trust pretty much go hand in hand. I think this one doesn’t warrant any explaining.

Respect-Respect is so very important. Giving respect as well as receiving it. Honestly it may be the most important one. I would never venture into a friendship without respect let alone a romantic relationship.

Love-Honest, pure, truthful, respectful, raw love. No strings attached. Love me for who I am and also for who I am not.  And I will love you for you.

Love to All-