Kill Them With Kindness

About a month ago Noelle asked me to help with content on the blog-and if you remember I stated that I was terrified! I am not a strong writer, and rather think my life is dull most days. In order to inspire me on topics and subjects I started the 30 day writing challenge and asked you to join me.

Today- we are asked to write about something we feel strongly about. I am highly opinionated so for once my writing assignment is a struggle to narrow down 🙂 Generally, I have difficulties deciding on where or what-not this time!

With all that being said one thing is for certain that I do not waiver on and that is kindness. It’s free, it’s simple, and it means more than most can possibly imagine. We have taught our children to be kind to EVERYONE. Even more so to the ones who are not kind to you. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to chase them down and put up with their selfish and cruel behavior. But it does mean “kill them with kindness”, when meeting them in the hallway, street, playground. A simple “Hello” goes a long ways. I have lost many opportunities to be kind to someone only to find later that on that particular day they needed the kindness more than they quite possibly needed air. I do not believe people are purposely cruel and mean. I believe something has led them to become that. And if kindness can help just a bit-I can do that!


Love to All-Kim

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